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Tools for Your Business' Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted on 9/25/2020 by Ray Lamboy in LAEDA News

On the evening of September 23rd, Mr. Jason Springer, Founder and CEO of JRS Strategies marketing firm taught new and seasoned business owners the importance of having a Digital Marketing Strategy for their business. With just under 20 years of experience, Mr. Springer generously shared his knowledge of Digital Marketing tools and best practices garnered from working with small and large companies, non-profits, governments, and politicians.

 “If you can’t track it, it’s probably not worth doing,” said Mr. Springer. “The best thing about digital marketing tools is so many platforms come with built-in analytics describing who you’re reaching, where, when, how, and how often. Which ones you use depend on which platforms your target clients use.” Mr. Springer then went on to describe the target audience of each of the primary social media apps, each app’s usage rates among different market segments, and the characteristics of successful posts for each social media platform. The workshop closed with several tips on how business owners can optimize their websites to improve their visibility in Search Engine search results. Easy tweaks such as deleting “ghost” (expired) web pages, posting content more frequently (especially video content!), and hosting a blog can dramatically increase your visibility in search engine results

When asked by Mr. Springer to add additional guidance, LBSC Program Manager, Kat Harrison, reemphasized that “It is essential to ensure that your marketing goals are directly informed by your business’ core goals. Attracting customers is a reasonable market goal. However, if “customers” isn’t referring to your target client, it will not matter how thorough your Digital Marketing Strategy is.” LAEDA will be hosting several more Marketing-related seminars in 2021. Until then, October and November offer a myriad of one night and multi-night trainings in Bookkeeping, Credit optimization, and Business Plan creation. Join our mailing list to receive our most up to date information and reserve your spot!