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I. About Business Services Center

The LAEDA Business Services Center (LBSC) is the primary strategic thrust of LAEDA's Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (LCEDS) targeted at Building the Businesses in the commercial districts of the City of Camden.   The success of the LCEDS hinges on the revitalization of the commercial districts into vibrant marketplaces that draw customers from the citys neighborhoods, surrounding communities and visitors of the waterfront attractions. Integral to the success of these districts is the quality and mix of businesses located there. Are the businesses prepared for the new customers drawn by CDRI efforts? Are the mix of businesses in the district maximized to capture sales dollars available from new and existing customers? 
As part of LCEDS, LBSC coordinates technical assistance, business counseling and educational opportunities with the Commercial District Revitalization Initiative (CDRI) and merchants and stakeholder leadership to position and prepare existing businesses for the new customers and opportunities generated by the implementation of approved revitalization strategies. LBSC further works with the leadership team to identify EDTP graduate businesses and recruits new businesses into the district in line with identified product and service categories needed.
LAEDA Business Services Center (LBSC) was created to act as a one-stop resource for the small business community in the City of Camden and for those businesses who are considering moving their businesses into the City of Camden. Through the development and provision of a comprehensive array of publications, information management resources and technical assistance services the LBSC will successfully stimulate interest in the city and translate that interest into direct investment. 
The services, publications and technical assistance provided through the LBSC serve as the foundation of a comprehensive business recruitment, retention and business capacity expansion program. 
As a recruiting tool, the LBSC demonstrates to prospective businesses the benefits of locating in the City of Camden, assists them in taking full advantage of business incentive programs and guides their investments towards the appropriate commercial real estate available.
As a retention tool, the LBSC grows and strengthens existing businesses by providing business counseling to assist them in accessing capital, dealing with L & I issues and providing general assistance in dealing business issues. The LBSC will develop educational, market research and business development resources to help the business community respond to changing markets and maximize economic benefits.

"Taking Businesses from Interest to Open for Business"

II. Business Services Menu
The services and assistance provided through the LBSC are low cost or no cost to small business owners and entrepreneurs. To schedule a free initial consultation, please fill out the Business Services Request Form linked here and e-mail or fax it to us. A consultant will contact you within 24 hours.
A. Business Counseling & Technical Assistance Services
  • Business Plan Development & Loan Packaging - Business owners are guided through the development of business plans for startups, expansion and commercial property development. Business owners are given assistance in completing applications and gathering required information and packaging loans to maximize the use of available public/private business incentive programs. 
  • Business Startup and Relocation Assistance - Business owners are walked through the business startup process from licensing to identifying suitable commercial space. Businesses relocating as a result of redevelopment will be assisted in identifying comparable replacement commercial space, preparing to move and the renovations of replacement commercial space.
  • Licensing & Inspection Compliance Assistance - Business owners are educated and informed about their responsibilities as property owners and tenants under the commercial code and assisted in the resolution of code violations. Activities such as site visits, educational seminars and process walkthroughs will assist businesses with their code compliance issues.
  • Commercial Real Estate Tracking & Placement - Business are assisted in identifying and securing the purchase or lease of commercial real estate appropriate for their business.
B. Small Business Educational Training
  • Small Business Development Seminars - Educational sessions designed to help business owners prepare to take advantage of current & future business opportunities. Seminars are 2.5 hours and cover individual topics like; Lenders Roundtable, Understanding Financial Statements, Marketing Strategies and New Business Primer.  Check out the Events Calendar for up coming seminars.
  • EDTP-Advanced Training Program - The EDTP Advance Training Program is designed to provide advanced training on topics and issues faced by growing and mature enterprises. ATP programs are scheduled for 5 consecutive weeks for 5 hours each and cover topics like; Succession Planning, Technology Training, Quick Books and much more. Check out the Events Calendar for upcoming session schedules.
III. Why Business Development Services?
Small businesses in the United States are responsible for the employment of 90% of today's workforce. From shopkeepers to small corporations, small businesses create jobs. When this is taken into account, it makes sense to look at small businesses development as a catalyst for job growth. 
The City of Camden in its' hey day was an employment center relying on a handful of large employers like Campbell Soup, RCA and the Camden Shipyard to provide jobs for a majority of residents. When these companies left the city or scaled back their presence, the jobs left with them. Now more than ever it has become apparent that job creation through business development makes the most sense, because when businesses grow...jobs are created...and communities succeed.


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