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Team Building with A String Thing

Posted on 8/29/2018 by Ray Lamboy

Knitting and crochet aren’t just rocking-chair hobbies for the retired, so when EDTP graduates Stevie and Rachel Franklin, also known as A String Thing, started packaging their lessons for professional development and staff team-building, LAEDA jumped at the chance to see what it was all about.

Rachel and Stevie came to the office on Friday for the weekly staff meeting and a 90-minute training in their craft. They allowed the team to decide whether they were going to knit or crochet, splitting the group roughly in half and sharing knowledgeably about the history, culture, and evolution of each. There was no shortage of nursery rhymes and mnemonic tricks to remember the techniques, and if staff were able to kick back and learn something new that can empower them to accomplish even greater things with LAEDA.           

This claim is based on evidence that the two classic forms of yarncraft, knitting and crochet, are very relaxing practices that have been proven to help focus attention, expand creativity, open communication channels, and lower stress levels. The String Thing team was quick to cite Harvard Medical School studies in which heart rate and blood pressure lower as participants enter a meditation-like state. While there was some healthy competition between staff members – who can chain their yarn the fastest? – everyone enjoyed seeing these LAEDA nine-week alumni sharing their craft.

 The team delivered a very professional service, ensuring that participants knew to stretch certain muscles prior to practicing, and working with the LAEDA members on an individual basis to ensure they were getting the techniques down. Rachel set up a live YouTube stream through which everyone was able to watch the real-time recording of her instruction on the large monitor in the boardroom. Discount codes were provided for follow-up lessons, and assuredly the morning would have turned into afternoon and no one would have put down their utensils, had not lunchtime rolled around.

For more information about A String Thing’s professional development services, please visit http://astringthing.com.