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Opening of Curate Noir and Opportunities Presented

Posted on 9/24/2023 by Ray Lamboy in LAEDA News

Camden, NJ- On Friday, September 15, 2023 funders, state and city officials, Haddon Avenue business owners, Parkside Business & Community In Partnership (PBCIP) and the Latin American Economic Development Association (LAEDA) welcomed the incubator for small businesses in the Parkside community. This will help bring entrepreneurs together and make the community even more vibrant, successful, and thriving with endless opportunities not just for the business owners, but the residents of the cities as well.

Curate Noir will provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to be able to showcase their products, make valuable connections and grow their support system as well. In addition, there will be marketing support, which is vital in the world of small businesses and education as well because the industries and customer trends are always changing and it is of essence that research is kept up to date and continuously researching is a vital action to work on consistently. In addition, having mentors and a support system to help guide one in the times of challenges and obstacles is also crucial to being successful, which is also one of the fundamentals that Curate Noir is helping with.

Nika and Alban Corbett, are the founders of Curate Noir and they both shared some valuable words:

“The building is beautiful, but what I’m most excited about is what will be happening outside of the walls,” said Nika Corbett.

“It’s about more than just providing shelf space for creators. We’re located within a community where we can nurture local entrepreneurs, provide them with the resources, mentorship, and guidance needed to turn their business dreams into reality,” illustrated Alban Corbett.

Having the right support and networking system in place is important and sometimes we may have valuable resources around us without even knowing. That is why to make the best of our resources and talents Curate Noir dedicated this place to bring it all together to benefit everyone as a whole.

LAEDA President and CEO Raymond Lamboy says, “We expect to see some great businesses growing out of Curate Noir - Camden under the tutelage of Nika and Alban. We look forward to supporting them as well as the emerging entrepreneurs who will make Curate Noir - Camden their home.”

“This project is also made possible by our friends at PNC Bank who committed resources’ to support Haddon Avenue business owners and startups for scaled operations,” added Bridget Phifer, “The opening of this business and other projects in the Parkside community would not have been made possible without our Mayor, Vic Carstarphen.”

Working together helps create the space better and fills the rooms and the air without endless knowledge and talents that will make the communities, home and the world an even more fulfilling and better place to live.
“Revitalization is what collaboration and great projects bring about and the opportunities is not just great for entrepreneurs, but it also gives our communities access to different products and different services within this community; within the city of Camden,” illustrated Vic Carstarphen, “This will not happen without everybody coming together and people who are consistent with what they do and helping residents within these communities.”

LAEDA coaches, empowers, and properly situates small businesses for long term success.

Omar Dudyk, PNC Bank Community Development Banking market manager states, “Through efforts like the PNC Community Benefit’s Plan, we share in the commitment of PBCIP and all those supporting Curate Noir to building a brighter future for Camden’s small businesses and the community as a whole.”

LAEDA is a non-profit economic development organization dedicated to the creation of small business ownership opportunities for all minorities, to contribute to the growth and success of small businesses and the development of the marketplace in the communities we serve. To learn more please visit our website by clicking here: LAEDA.

To learn more about Parkside Business & Community In Partnership, which is a membership-based organization that, through advocacy, collaboration and commitment, believe in rebuilding instead of replacing Parkside’s assets. To learn more please visit their website by clicking here: PBCIP.

To learn more about Curate Noir please visit their website by clicking here: Curate Noir.

Let’s use our resources, our support and networking systems to bring each one of us together and create the cities, small businesses and the world around us a better place to live and thrive in.