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LAEDA's Team Building Through the Salvation Army Camden Kroc Center Toy Shop Program

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Ray Lamboy in LAEDA News

Camden, NJ- On Friday, December 16, 2022 LAEDA and its team went to the Salvation Army Camden Kroc Center to participate and volunteer at their Toy Shop Program for over 1,700 families. Team building is an effective tool and it provides employees with a sense of belonging to the organization. When teams collaborate and come together they not only learn more about each other, but more about the organization as well and thus leading to managing more operations in the office, resolving conflicts, engaging employees even more, creating an even more positive atmosphere and tons more benefits to follow.

 Since millions of families struggle with ongoing impacts of pandemic, family situations, and such. The Salvation Army Camden Kroc Center through its Toy Drive that is serving over 1,700 families and over 4,000 children opened their doors to volunteers to help out and create the atmosphere of a real shopping experience for the families and LAEDA was honored to be amongst those volunteers.

Every gift no matter what- helps and puts a smile on someone’s face and the families that came in through the doors of the Salvation Army Kroc Center was each paired with a volunteer who helped them shop for their families and then helped them pick out wrapping paper and ribbons’ and the staff of the Salvation Army Kroc Center even prayed with the families. Volunteers were also helping the families to their cars and the families appreciated them, thanked them, depended on them and got help through the volunteers, gifts and the heart-touching prayers. The LAEDA staff enjoyed helping moms and families in general to take toys for kids and bringing joy in their hearts. Communicating with families and having conversations was so impactful and really filled the doors and walls of the Salvation Army Kroc Center. Moreover, it was so organized and everything just connected together and the families were involved in the toy drive. The Salvation Army Kroc Center walls were filled with a welcoming and real shopping experience with a personable touch of volunteers and the staff of the Salvation Army Kroc Center, whom also prayed as well with the families.

This year, The Salvation Army Camden Kroc Center is serving over 1,700 families and over 4,000 children with brand new toys to make their Christmas bright and festive. They know that their community is in great need and the needs are getting greater. Through partnerships, through the countless hours of preparation and service, and through volunteers and donors, they are serving their community and redoubling their efforts to bridge hope and to fill gaps. Tis the season for giving and all year around in many aspects at both organizations: The Salvation Army Camden Kroc Center and at LAEDA.

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