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LAEDA's Session 95 of the Women's Business Academy Program (WBA) Comes to a Close with New Beginnings

Posted on 3/18/2023 by EDTP Coordinator in LAEDA News

Camden, NJ- On Wednesday, March 15, 2023, LAEDA hosted the final class of its Women’s Business Academy Program Session 95. The class brought together eight highly motivated entrepreneurs, representing a vast variety of industries including, Therapy services, yoga and mindful services, photography training including scuba diving and more, hotdogs, pretzels, drinks and more, high fashion photography, videography and more, childcare services, education and more, coffee shop with pastries and event space rental, rental of photo-booths with prompts for events and facials, body contouring and skincare products. Over the course of the nine-week program, participants received 72 + hours of training from industry professionals as well as business planning education and business counseling.

Jamila Powell, Program Manager of LAEDA’s Women’s Business Center open the floor for discussion for the night, “This is just the beginning and we will follow you and guide you through your business venture and or journey.”

Ray Lamboy, LAEDA’s President and Chief Executive Officer concluded the session by bringing back the first day’s conversation and asking the class to reflect back on what they have learned.

Ray Lamboy asked what some of the challenges were and what some of the highlights of this program were. The most essential challenge for this session was in getting to class in the evenings, favorite class was Business Law and “Ah-ha” moments were to really learn about and fill in the business plan and pricing- how to price your products and services.

“Remember from here you still have to work on your mindset, Ray Lamboy explained, “Each one of you have already build up the muscle memory in you where you do something so much that it’s set in your schedule so treat this as your job that you already have momentum for just keep on going.”

What are the next steps from here? Ray lists many valuable steps to take onward:

• Finish your business plan
• Apply what you learned; this is the beginning of your future
• Be a life learner
• Work on your skills
• Protect your investment
• Success is a journey it is not a destination so keep on working toward your success and take advantage of information, resources and professionals around you.

Question: What is the most important word to any individual? Answer: Their name!

In addition, Ray Lamboy gave us an important illustration using information and push-ups: Let’s consider reading the following quote: If all it takes to be successful is taking in more information…then we’d all have six pack Abs and be millionaires.

“We have expanded your mind so from here it is vital to keep on building and working on your mindset as your business grows,” Ray Lamboy described, “Think to yourself: How do I put systems in place to get all this stuff done and still have revenue coming in for my business?”

In addition, think about how do I begin implementing my short-term and long-term goals? What do you want to do in the next six to nine months and then 9 months to 12 months? These are the conversations which are significant to have and making it happen will lead to success in a business venture.

“Set up a goal, work it, achieve it and rinse- wash-and repeat,” Jamila Powell added, “There are always going to be next goals to achieve.”

This valuable discussion filled the room when all entrepreneurs shared their upcoming goals for the next 3 months:

(1) Marcell Holiday with Holiday Focus Photography LLC, “To expand my services from being a photographer to being an entertainment company that provides short media and films as well.”

(2) Taylor Jackson with The Milestone Care Services LLC, “I am starting my online training for self-servicing puree baby food.”

(3) Nicole Parks with Flawless Mirror Me Photobooth, “My website will be up and running in about 3 to 6 months.”

(4) Sadiyyah Maamoon with The Cultural Collective and BrickNKulture LLC, “My events are going well, but I am trying to book at least one wedding per month.”

(5) Jewel Brown with Kotee Creations LLC, “To fully rebrand, hire someone to rebuild my website in 3 months and making the underwater photographing requirement.”

(6) Kia Brooks with Relax Relate Reclaim LLC, “I am working on hiring a business manager and working with a major hospital soon as part of their wellness team.”

(7) Brianna Swiney with Skinbybri LLC, “In 3 to 6 months have a website with online products and in 6 months host first event.”

(8) Anthony Gomez with Anthony’s Hot Dogs LLC, “I will be formalizing my LLC right after this class and will be getting more organized with the business systems and getting them in place because I learned how important they are-they make life easier and establishing business credit because I could be further along with this in place. In addition, getting mentally prepared with the busy seasons and possibly hiring in 3 months.”

Our Networking Queens, alumni Barbara Hall-Bryant and Crystal Lewis from I Say Yes Salon & Spa, LLC joined the class to share their experience as business owners and being part of our alumni family since graduating in October 2012 as a part of EDTP Session 62. They opened the room to vital information and shared their valuable experiences to help the entrepreneurs in the class.

Barbara Hall-Bryant and Crystal Lewis filled the room with the following valuable information and much more:

• As business owners you need mentorship
• Every day for 100 minutes work on your business
• Plan visibility because if you cannot be found you do not exist
• Go above and beyond to make your customer experience matter to your customers
• Value yourself for your prices

Barbara Hall-Bryant shared, “Eleven years ago yesterday I was in the chair you are sitting in now and you have to be a business person there is a difference between being in business and being a business person.”

Crystal Lewis added, “The LAEDA class helped me understand a lot about business systems and how to dream upon my dream and make it come true.”

The room at the end of the night was left with everlasting business relationships and everyone carrying valuable information to use as they move forward in his or her entrepreneurial journey.

LAEDA offers seminars and short-term courses in various counties of South Jersey throughout the year. A long-term course is also offered three times per year where entrepreneurs receive 72 + hours of training from industry professionals, business planning, and business counseling. The program is free, but you must qualify.

Whether you’re just starting out working on turning a passion into a business or have an established business and need to develop a business plan to guide the next phase, LAEDA has something for you.

LAEDA welcomes you to join our community of successful entrepreneurs. Visit our website at www.laeda.com or call (856) 338-1177 to learn more.