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LAEDA's Gabriela Sanchez Shares Her Thoughts on Entrepreneurship

Posted on 4/5/2013 by Ray Lamboy

Bridgeton, NJ – We caught up with Gabriela “Gaby” Sanchez, the lead instructor of the LAEDA workshop series, EDTP Quick Start Series en Español, just before starting the next workshop in the series, Creating a Plan of Action – Business Plan II on April 2nd in Bridgeton, NJ and asked her about her thoughts on entrepreneurship and its importance to the wider community.

Interviewer:  Gaby, thank you so much for taking a minute out of your busy schedule to talk to us.  Tonight is the third of five workshops in the Quick Start Series, why is it so important for people to learn the skills you are teaching?

Gaby:  Most people do not take the time to plan to open a business nor do they go to school to become business owners.   They become business owners by chance. LAEDA’s mission is to teach them the skills to open and manage their business the best possible way.  

At the end of the day, we want our small business owners to succeed, that’s why what we teach is so important.  In fact, one area I really focus on is the business plan, I spend a lot a time explaining the different components of the plan and how each one contributes to the full picture of their business.

Interviewer:  I had a chance to watch you in action during the past couple of weeks; you really seem to have a passion for your work, what motivates you to do this work?

Gaby:  I admire people who have a dream of business ownership and who are willing to take the necessary steps to make that dream a reality.  Knowing that I am part of someone’s success means a lot to me.

Interviewer:  That is great.  Do you have any personal experience that contributes to your desire to do this work with such energy?

Gaby:  Owning a business is never easy but the payoff is worth it. My father has been the owner of a gas station in Ecuador since I was a child.  This afforded my family the option 

to have my mother to be a “stay-at-home” mom.  Owning his own business gave my father the flexibility to be part of the important events of my life while I was growing up.  It meant so much.

My grandmothers each own a business, one a restaurant and the other a beverage distributorship.  My aunts and uncles own all types of businesses: a jewelry store, a health clinic and a limo company.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs.

Interviewer:  You sure do, one more question, do you have any “Gaby’s Keys” to success that you would like to share?

 Gaby:   Sure.  Let me think.  OK.

         In business;

·       Don’t react, take your time to craft a strategy.

·       Don’t hire family members.

·       Always have an operations agreements  (business partnerships).

In life;  

·       Recognized your weaknesses and seek help to improve them.

·       Don’t take advantage of people because you will end up alone.  

·       If you have a balance life you will be happy, healthy, productive, and fulfilled. 

Interviewer:  Great advice!  It looks like you have a full house tonight. Thank you for your time.  Any  final thoughts?

Gaby:  Thank you for interviewing me.  I’d like to invite all Latinos who own an existing business or who wish to start one to attend the balance of the series, which is being hosted in Bridgeton, NJ at the Ashley McCormick Arts Center at 40 E. Commerce Street.  The series continues on April 9 and April 16.  If you’d like to attend, the series is free but interested individuals must register by calling 856-338-1177.

Interviewer:  Thank you Gaby.  The EDTP Quick Start Series is a series of 5 workshops; ABC’s of Starting a Small Business, Creating a Plan of Action – Business Planning I & II, Getting the Word Out – Marketing 101 and Credit Management for Entrepreneurs.  All the workshops in the series are taught in Spanish with all materials in the Spanish language.

To learn more about LAEDA and its programs, visit www.LAEDA.com.