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LAEDA Presents at The Cultural Collective Cafe in Woodbury

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Ray Lamboy in LAEDA News

Woodbury, NJ—On December 15, LAEDA presented at The Cultural Collective Cafe’s Business for Breakfast event. The event, hosted by Sadiyyah Maamoon and April Samuels, connected entrepreneurs and provided a space for conversation about leveraging your current audience, attracting ideal clients and 2023 business planning and much more.

 “It’s easier to create a higher level of value COLLECTIVELY than alone. We pour into each other so we can pour into our communities,” shared April Samuels, Mortgage Advisor at Cornerstone First Mortgage.

The space created a welcoming environment for aspiring and existing business owners alike, all there to support and mentor each other to keep moving forward in their entrepreneurial journey.

The room was filled with conversations ranging from the following:

·           Getting to know your neighbors (networking)

·           Continuing to do research and learning

·           Innovation and keeping up with market and industry trends

·           Balancing and knowing the many hats and areas of entrepreneurship

·           Knowing yourself in general and your strengths and weakness

·           The importance of staying consistent in bookkeeping and accounting

·           Knowing the “business side” of your business

·           Hiring people who have the background and knowledge

·           Valuing your connections

The Cultural Collective Cafe & BrickNKulture Event Space is a unique bi-level event space and café/lounge that creates an environment for Inclusivity & Community also a space for a special event or stopping in the café for coffee, espresso, pastries or to enjoy workshops.


LAEDA is a non-profit economic development organization dedicated to assisting emerging entrepreneurs and small business owners to start and grow their businesses in Camden, Burlington, Gloucester, Atlantic and Cumberland counties in New Jersey.


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