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LAEDA Hosts It's First Small Business Academy in Atlantic City

Posted on 4/28/2021 by EDTP Coordinator in LAEDA News

Atlantic City, NJ- LAEDA in partnership with the Atlantic City Mayor's Office hosted its first nine-week program. Men and women from the Atlantic county area joined to gain knowledge of how to effectively start and grow their respective businesses. The series titled, Atlantic City Small Business Academy, began on March 24th with the “ABC’s of Starting a Small Business” as a way to inform budding and existing entrepreneurs about what it takes to succeed in a competitive market. Mayor Marty Small was on-hand during the kickoff event to discuss the need for this type of program. “We want to see more businesses in the community so I knew we had to provide information and resources that would help entrepreneurs start and grow here in Atlantic City,” stated Mayor Small.

While the next two classes allowed participants to gain the tools and resources needed to write a business plan, it was the fourth class that offered one of the major highlights. Marketing and Branding for Your Business is always a favorite class since new business owners are looking for ways to promote the uniqueness of their respective products/ services. It also included a surprise guest appearance from DJ Envy, music producer, real estate investor, and one of the three hosts of the syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club, on Power 105.1. He spoke about his experience as an entrepreneur and gave practical startup advice to the class participants. “You have to pick a business that you are passionate about and it has to be something you would actually use,” encouraged DJ Envy. “If you are not passionate about it then you won’t want to keep doing it,” he continued. Another highlight was the networking event where thirty participants gathered just steps away from the Atlantic City boardwalk at Bourré for food, fun, and networking.  Not only did participants get to know one another by pitching their respective businesses but also enjoyed items from the New Orleans themed menu.

The series will continue with additional classes that every entrepreneur needs including “Money, Banking, and Credit as well as "Business Administration and Bookkeeping". Each of these areas is of importance when starting or growing a business since new entrepreneurs need to have good bookkeeping and business administration habits in order to create and maintain a good relationship with the banks that will eventually provide the business capital. It will later conclude with two exciting events including a panel discussion with Atlantic City small business owners and a business pitch competition.  The panel discussion will give participants the opportunity to hear from entrepreneurs who were once in their shoes while the competition will allow them to pitch their businesses for potential cash and prizes.