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LAEDA Celebrates the Winter Olympics

Posted on 2/23/2018 by Ray Lamboy in LAEDA News

Camden, NJ – In celebration of this year’s Winter Olympics, the LAEDA team organized the LAEDA Office Olympics. The countries of the Republic of Adminish, the United States of Jamabia and the country of Herland participated in four events; Office Biathlon, Ultimate Curling, 3-D Bowling and Boardroom Pong.

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The games began with the opening ceremony led by Annabel Soto, Office Administrator and member of the Republic of Adminish carrying the Olympic Torch into the Olympic Arena (Hallway).  Jamila Powell, Program Manager of EDTP of the United States of Jamabia carried the games medals in the parade of countries.  “I had a ball, we take our work with our clients so seriously,” said Jamila. Why not be silly for a little while.”, Jamila said.

The first event, Office Biathlon, required Olympians to ski through the office to four stations and through Frisbees into target crates in a timed circuit.   The US of Jamabia represented by Jamila Powell won the Gold, followed by Alex LaBant, Assistant Program Manager WBC representing Herland with the Silver and the Republic of Adminish presented by Annabel Soto. 

The second event, a team event, Ultimate Curling, required Olympians to slide upside down Frisbees into a bullseye awarding points for the discs closest to the center.  After three rounds, Dina Maldonado, Assistant Office Administrator, land the winning disc to lead the Republic of Adminish to the Gold, followed by the US of Jamabia with Silver and Herland with the Bronze. 

The fourth event, 3-D Bowling, required Olympians to roll a soccer ball into a stack of empty water cooler bottles.   Like traditional bowling, high score wins.  The US of Jamabia, represented by Alejandro Cruz, came out on top yet again with the gold.  The Republic of Adminish fought hard but came up short with the Silver.  Herland, represented by Jamie Shanker, Program Manager WBC took the Bronze.
The final event, Boardroom Pong, required Olympians to bounce ping pong balls into cups of refreshing water.  This was a single elimination tournament with number one seeded Herland taking a first round bye.  The Republic of Adminish and the US of Jamabia faced off in round one with the Republic of Adminish coming out on top.  Herland stepped into the Pongdrone for round 2.  They battled for 15 minutes and down to one cup left for Adminish and two cups for Herland.  With time expiring before the sudden death period, the Republic of Adminish, represented by Oscar Parra, Family Development Coach FIM, sunk their final ball with 30 seconds to spare and took home the Gold.  Herland settled for the Silver and the US of Jamabia took the Bronze. 
The days events closed with the LAEDA Olympics closing ceremony.  The United States of Jamabia led all countries with the highest medal, followed by the Republic of Adminish and Herland.
“It’s great to take some time to let off some steam,” said Ray Lamboy President & CEO of LAEDA.  “We work so hard to ensure our clients success; it’s nice to have a little fun in the process.”  Mr. Lamboy played the role of the LAEDA Olympic Committee and officiated all the events and presented the winners with gold, silver or bronze medals.