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LAEDA Attends the Camden CMO Resource Fair

Posted on 10/31/2018 by EDTP Coordinator in LAEDA News

Voorhees, NJ – On October 9, 2018, LAEDA had a great opportunity to participate in the Camden CMO Resource Fair at the Voorhees Town Center. We were able to learn about different organizations that provide services to the community in the South Jersey region while also providing information to people who either need help with their businesses or who want to open a business and don’t know where to begin this process.

During this fair, LAEDA was also able to provide information about upcoming events including the nine-week Entrepreneurial Development Program, which provides 72 hours of training. It also provides detailed information on all the things to consider when starting a ranging from registration and marketing to tax accounting and business planning. Other programs offered to the participants were Turning Your Hobby into a Business and the five-week Quick Start series in Atlantic City. These were some of the offerings presented to the public in order to show the different opportunities LAEDA has to accommodate potential clients depending on where they are and their level of confidence in moving forward with their dream.