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LAEDA at Norcross Constituent Service Fair

Posted on 8/28/2018 by Ray Lamboy

With over 130 vendors and over 1000 attendees, LAEDA was able to provide insightful information about the different services and business training offering in Camden and surrounding counties. The fair was a great opportunity to hear about people business experiences, ideas and business concepts they are pursuing in different levels from concept to execution of their business.

 LAEDA Assistant Program Manager, Alejandro Cruz, provided the attendees with information about upcoming training events, and after one on one conversations, the organization was able to guide them to specific services that would be the best fit for his or her needs. This includes the individualized counseling services for business owners, a five week "Quick Start" series for new entrepreneurs and the more intensive entrepreneurial 9-week program.

This event also allowed LAEDA to have conversation with different vendors in order to learn more about their services and create communication channels to provide useful information to clients. In the event that one organization doesn’t offer specific services that they need, the organization can refer it to another; this shows the commitment of LAEDA to improve the quality of life of our clients and make a positive impact in our area of operations. LAEDA will continue having a presence with events like this in South Jersey will the commitment of helping and improving the quality of life of our clients.