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Food Trucking 101- Driving Down the Path to Success

Posted on 3/29/2019 by EDTP Coordinator in LAEDA News

Camden, NJ- On March 29, 2019, entrepreneurs of Food Trucking 101 Program had a valuable evening learning the essentials of owning a Food Trucking business by instructor and owner of Cow and the Curd, Rob Mitchell. In this class, the entrepreneurs learned the importance of all the ingredients that go into owning a Food Trucking business. Mr. Mitchell discussed topics ranging from branding and mentorship to capturing the customer’s attention and hiring employees.

First, the importance of choosing the right truck was discussed. Rob emphasized that finding credible builder is key. Business owners must do research, read reviews, and always check your local health codes before purchasing that truck and driving it off for business. He expressed how knowing the factors for food truck survival are vital before jumping on the bandwagon since the food truck culture consists of climate and laws.

He continued by stressing the significance of mapping out everything from menu concepts to marketing concepts before starting out on this venture. “Some recipes of success in the Food Trucking industry are (1) Overall aesthetics, (2) Branding and marketing, (3) Quality of cuisine, (4) Speed of output, (5) Functionality of equipment, and (6) Capacity of Inventory,” Rob explained. He continued by focusing on the fundamentals of branding and how it defines who and what you are. He stated, “Your BRAND is your IDENTITY- it is the way your truck visually communicates with consumers and differentiates itself from other food trucks. Business owners must take their cuisine and build it into a brand that is clear, authentic, and a reflection of who they are. If your branding is solid, the marketing will flow. For this reason, it is also important whom an entrepreneur hires since his / her staff is an extension of the brand.”

Mr. Mitchell also talked about the importance of capturing the customer’s attention. He stated that business owners should use three levels of engagement: (1) table level (2) eye level and (3) above eye level.  First, customers will approach the truck and see the banner waving above eye level. That banner should want to bring the customer to eye level where the menu can be seen. Last customers will be able to see and/ or experience products at table level once they have purchased.

Rob concluded the class with valuable insights and resources. He mentioned tools for entrepreneurs such as: Shop Keep (Point of Sale System) and Jolt up (The Operations Platform for Any Business) and ended with these words of wisdom “simplicity, purity, and goodness are the three emotions you should run on. This industry is for someone who has intestinal fortitude.”

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