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Essential Worker, Event Planning Entrepreneur Celebrates Life’s Blessings

Posted on 6/29/2020 by EDTP Coordinator in LAEDA News

Camden, NJ- Over the past 9 weeks, healthcare essential worker and entrepreneur Tracy Ferguson has been investing time in her start-up event planning business, Passion Driven Parties LLC. Ms. Ferguson attended LAEDA’s 87th session of its flagship 9-week business training course. This course walks students through the creation of a comprehensive business plan and brings in experts from the fields of Human Resources, Business Law, Tax Accounting, Marketing, Real Estate, Personnel, Insurance, and more. Though the 87th session, this class was the first to be taught exclusively online.

“The program definitely gave me the tools to have the confidence and wisdom to consider the cost of goods and services and labor when determining my price point,” Ms. Ferguson tells us. “I also have learned how to study and consider my competition.”

With over 40 years of party planning experience, Ms. Ferguson came to the class highly motivated and with a vision. She has been able to reimagine her start-up business to respond to social distancing requirements while still celebrating life’s blessings. Through her innovative efforts, she has been able to virtually launch and grow her business through deliveries for special occasions, online celebrations, and other strategies.

“I began to deliver items to my customers as opposed to them coming outside. This made it more convenient to celebrate holidays and special occasions and to have gifts sent to their family and friends. I hosted a virtual Zoom graduation party for my niece's 8th grade graduation. I also hosted an 8th grade drive-by graduation party.”
As an essential healthcare worker, Ms. Ferguson has a unique perspective when it comes to putting safeguards in place to protect her customers.

“As opposed to my full time job as a hospital pharmacist in Atlantic City, my business, Passion Driven Parties. is on a mission to purposely make people happy in the midst of so much uncertainty and turmoil,” Ms. Ferguson explains. “While it is very stressful at work dealing with helping people get better from their various sicknesses, it helps me to know that my business practices not only help to keep people safe but also help to make them happy and try to have some sense of normalcy during these unprecedented times.”

Ms. Ferguson, owner and operator of Passion Driven Parties LLC, a full-service event planning business, can be contacted at www.passiondrivenparties.com, and on Instagram and Facebook at Passion Driven Parties.

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