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A Moment With Our EDTP Graduate: Meet Ishia Morton

Posted on 2/26/2017 by EDTP Coordinator in LAEDA News

Ishia Morton is the owner and operator of Bookkeeping Lab, and a graduate of LAEDA’s Entrepreneurial Development Training Program. We had a chance to sit down with her to ask about her experience with entrepreneurship and LAEDA's training program.

LAEDA: Entrepreneurship is a very challenging path to take with many different possible directions. What made you decide to become an entrepreneur? Why did you choose your industry?

“At an early age, I have always sought to be my own boss and control my destiny. Once I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Business, I started working in Corporate America. Now, having over 15 years as an Accounting and Financial Professional, my journey began once I realized the days of working at a company for 20 plus years and retiring with a pension is a thing of the past.”

“In today’s working culture, entrepreneurship is the new pension plan. The beauty of entrepreneurship is that there are no gatekeepers to regulate your success.”

LAEDA: Tell me about your experience while attending EDTP. What have the major takeaways been from the program? Have you had any “Ah-ha!” moments? How did the program help you?

“When I found LAEDA, I knew this organization is what I needed to jumpstart my business. The LAEDA staff challenged me to organize my business ideas and provided an atmosphere to network with like-minded individuals. The advice and wealth of information from the EDTP has taught me how to avoid business failures and gave me the confidence to incorporate those tools to focus on my business. The teaching approach at LAEDA is innovative with today’s ever changing trends so it truly prepared me to start the path of entrepreneurship.”

LAEDA: Tell me about your journey on the road to business start-up. What have been some of the challenges, successes, failures, etc.?

“My quest to start a business hasn’t been easy but I am optimistic about the future. I have accepted and understood that experiencing uncertainty or risk in business is confirmation that I am on the right track. Through trial and error, I have learned that entrepreneurship requires discipline and that I must remain knowledgeable in my industry.”

“I am convinced there is one important rule for a business to survive. That’s to stay connected and up to date through social media outlets, clubs, current news, seminars and memberships in order to accurately expand and develop your product or service.”

LAEDA: Could you tell me a little about where your business is today?

“Today, my business’s core mission is to provide a financial management system to small business owners allowing them the opportunity to prosper and nurture their company while gaining the benefits of financial freedom.”

LAEDA: Do you have any advice for future (or existing) entrepreneurs?

“To future entrepreneurs -- just know it’s not going to be easy and it will take time, but it is possible. There is a saying ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!’ You must be prepared to be flexible and move into the unknown. You have to challenge yourself by asking if you are prepared to take 100% personal responsibility for your business. It’s a New Year and another chance to do all the things you've wanted to do in life so here’s to you and your success.”

Congratulations to Ishia Morton for completing EDTP and recommitting to her journey on the path of entrepreneurship. The Bookkeeping Lab is a company offering a modern approach of bookkeeping services, providing a flexible and economic service to her clients through virtual and/or mobile service. For more information, contact Ishia Morton at via email at Ishia.Morton@gmail.com or 856-577-1856

The Entrepreneurial Development Training Program (EDTP) is a free, nine-week business skills training course offered in Camden, NJ in the Winter Spring and Fall each year. Qualified entrepreneurs receive 72+ hours of training from industry professionals, business planning, and one year of technical assistance. Apply online at www.LAEDA.com