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A Moment with our EDTP Graduate- Meet Lisa M. Reed

Posted on 2/25/2019 by EDTP Coordinator in LAEDA News

Lisa M. Reed is the owner and operator of “What Color Is Your Skin,” which is a creative approach to teaching our youth to value the differences that we all have while loving themselves and being comfortable with how God created them. She is also a graduate of LAEDA’s Entrepreneurial Development Training Program. We had a chance to sit down with her to ask about her experience with entrepreneurship and LAEDA's training program.

(1) LAEDA: Entrepreneurship is a very challenging path to take with many different possible directions. What made you decide to become an entrepreneur?

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  Even when I worked corporate and retail management jobs, I always thought about the process of running the company. I always asked myself, how did they get started? That lead me to asking, how do I get started?

(2) LAEDA: Why did you choose your industry?

You could say I am a serial entrepreneur.  This is my second business.  The idea for the book came from my granddaughter when she was four years old.  She noticed one day my skin color was different from her skin color and asked me the question, “Mimi what color is your skin?”  I had to think about it to be sure to answer her in a way that helped her to understand that all people, no matter the color, are beautiful.  I cannot remember my answer to her on that day but, from that question, the book was born.  It took me many years to finish the book. This book is definitely needed during a time in our country that is seeing so much turmoil.  It is a way to help the next generation of children to learn about equality and love.

(3) LAEDA: Tell me about your experience while attending EDTP. What have the major takeaways been from the program? Have you had any “Ah-ha!” moments? How did the program help you?

I absolutely love the LAEDA program.  It opened my eyes to many things I would not have been otherwise exposed to.  I was excited to learn there were visits from an Attorney, Accountants, and The Census Bureau.  I recommend this program to anyone and everyone I meet who tells me they have a business idea.  The real time data that you compile while creating your business plan gives you the confidence to talk to other people in your prospective field.

(4) LAEDA: Tell me about your journey on the road to business start-up. What have been some of the challenges, successes, failures, etc.?

The biggest challenge to my business, even today, is the money (or lack of it.)  You are working to make money to pay your bills while trying to put money into an idea you believe in.  Now that my book is complete, the rest is hiring to help with marketing.  I have a great idea, but I have to get exposure so other people see my dream. Also, as a small business owner, you wear many hats and try to do everything yourself.  You have to learn to relinquish some of the responsibilities of running the business to others.

(5) LAEDA: Could you tell me a little about where your business is today?

I am happy to say I am a new children’s author and I have had some exposure through different book fairs, such as ADC Kid Book Festival, Collingswood Book Fair and CLC Bookstore. I am working on getting my book into private bookstores in the tri-county area. I am also looking to gain more social media exposure. I am happy to say that I have just started writing my next book.

(6) LAEDA: Do you have any advice for future (or existing) entrepreneurs?

Social Media and Marketing is the biggest ticket item for a new business, find the money to fit this into your budget.

Lisa M. Reed is the grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren Arianna and Jeremy. She was born in Brooklyn, New York and currently resides in South Jersey. The idea for the book came from the question posed by her granddaughter when she was just four years old. She hopes this book will help children around the world see the beauty in the color of their skin. Lisa is also member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Congratulations to Lisa M. Reed for completing EDTP and recommitting to her journey on the path of entrepreneurship. For more information, contact Lisa M. Reed via telephone at (856) 217-1876, via email at author@whatcolorisyourskin@gmail.com, via website at https://www.whatcolorisyourskin.com/ and via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/whatcolorisyourskin/

The Entrepreneurial Development Training Program (EDTP) is a free, nine-week business skills training course offered in Camden, NJ in the Winter Spring and Fall each year. Qualified entrepreneurs receive 72+ hours of training from industry professionals, business planning, and one year of technical assistance. Apply online at www.LAEDA.com.