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8 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Finances

Posted on 3/27/2014 by EDTP Coordinator in Personal Finance

It's time to toss those dusty bank statements, and shop around for better rates.

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Have a Small-Business Complaint? There's an Ombudsman for That

Posted on 3/26/2014 by EDTP Coordinator in Small Business Policy

How the SBA's point man handles owners' gripes about red tape

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Top 15 Websites for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Posted on 3/20/2014 by EDTP Coordinator in Small Business Planning

What do you think? Did we list your favorite website? If so, give it a positive vote! If we missed a site that you like, please share it in the comments! We hope this helps you discover some terrific information that is available to help you run and GROW your business!

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Prime Ofice Space Available for Pittance in Camden

Posted on 3/19/2014 by EDTP Coordinator in Small Business Policy

In a deal between the state and Cooper’s Ferry Partnership, 116,000 square feet of deeply discounted office space will soon be available at the L3 building in Camden.

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Winter’s Not Just Cold and Snowy. It’s Expensive.

Posted on 3/5/2014 by EDTP Coordinator in Small Business & The Economy

The mighty $16 trillion American economy can easily shrug off a snowstorm or two, even in regions unaccustomed to wintry snow and ice. But a prolonged bout of unusual weather is taking a toll, especially on small businesses like Abbadabba’s, a shoe store chain in Atlanta, which has weathered two major storms this year.

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