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Last-Minute Small Business Tax Tips for Procrastinators

Posted on 4/3/2014 by EDTP Coordinator in Personal Finance

Tax returns are due in less than three weeks. Are you procrastinating? Small business owners and self-employed individuals who wait until the last minute are prone to dumb mistakes: forgetting to sign a return, goofing up on the math, or filling in the wrong Social Security number.

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8 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Finances

Posted on 3/27/2014 by EDTP Coordinator in Personal Finance

It's time to toss those dusty bank statements, and shop around for better rates.

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The Sorry State Of Small Business Retirement Plans

Posted on 10/16/2013 by EDTP Coordinator in Personal Finance

A bruising new study from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies tells a tale of two retirement systems in the U.S. workplace: one for employees at large companies and an inferior one for those at small firms.

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Sudden Awakening: No Nest Egg

Posted on 7/17/2013 by EDTP Coordinator in Personal Finance

For many entrepreneurs, the golden years aren't looking so shiny. They have devoted so much time and money to their businesses that they have failed to plan for their retirement. Catch-up strategies consist of aggressively putting money aside, or planning to sell their companies someday.

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How To Change The Way We Think About Money

Posted on 7/1/2013 by EDTP Coordinator in Personal Finance

Many marketers work overtime to confuse us about money.

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Money Rules for Small Business Success

Posted on 5/2/2013 by Ray Lamboy in Personal Finance

Small Business Owners are among the most optimistic people on the planet – I think you have to be to do what you do. But according to recent research, you aren’t feeling particularly great right now. In March, the National Federation of Small Business Index of Small Business Optimism turned downward.

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