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Your DreamWall Pivots, Continues to Inspire During Pandemic

Posted on 8/31/2021 by Ray Lamboy in LAEDA News

Marcela Tapiero started Your DreamWall LLC back in 2019, left her nine-to-five to work the business full-time and attended LAEDA WBC’s Women’s Business Academy in Winter 2020. As with many fellow entrepreneurs, she has pivoted her business and has found ways to connect with her audience despite obstacles.


Her business Your DreamWall offers vision board workshops to nonprofits, corporate teams, youth and adults both in-person and online, and provides custom-made Dreamboard kits and Dreamcards.

“We offer online and in-person services which allow people worldwide to take advantage of opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. Through coaching, events, classes, and retreats, we are creating environments that assist others to elevate mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually.”

Most recently, she has been working towards a digital product line to make her kits more accessible, especially during the pandemic.

“My goal with this product line is to give people the encouragement and the motivation to take actions, not just locally but globally,” Tapiero explains.

Tapiero’s personal motivation is her son and explains that, “he’s my ‘why’—he’s the reason I started to change my life. It’s very important as an entrepreneur that we build for our future generations, and Carmelo is my future generation.”

Since starting the business, Your DreamWall has held around 30 in-person and online events such as women’s empowerment workshops in partnership with the YWCA, public workshops, and private events for corporations and small businesses.

To browse motivational Your DreamWall vision board products and to book your next workshop, visit Your DreamWall’s website or email info@yourdreamwall.com. 

Your DreamWall founder Marcela Tapiero will be graduating from LAEDA’s 9-week program along with 39 other entrepreneurs this October. Prior to the class, she worked with a business counselor to establish and work towards her business goals. As an alumni of the program, she continues to receive technical assistance and support.

Tapiero gives the following advice to fellow entrepreneurs: “If you’re serious about getting on board with your business, I highly recommend LAEDA. If it wasn’t for LAEDA, Your Dream Wall wouldn’t be where it is today.”

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