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WBC visits the Mexican Consulate

Posted on 7/26/2018 by EDTP Coordinator

Recognizing the value of free business counseling and training conducted in Spanish, the Mexican Consulate in Philadelphia invited LAEDA to speak to staff about program services.

 Jamie Shanker, the Women’s Business Center Program Manager, visited the Mexican Consulate on July 5th. She spoke to staff from the consulate and their partner organization, Ceiba. The consulate sees about 100 people a day, many of which are entrepreneurs. Ms. Shanker explained that staff can ask clients questions in different ways to assess if there is an interest in starting a small business, “Did you own a business in your home county?” or “Do you have a hobby that can earn you money?” 

Ms. Shanker introduced staff to LAEDA’s bilingual business coaching, bilingual online business academy, and bilingual business training. She pointed to two Spanish language seminars in July, a budgeting class in Atlantic County on 7/18 and a credit webinar on 7/26.

The Mexican Consulate offers many services to the public including legal services and immigration paperwork and is very interested in being able to refer consulate visitors to LAEDA’s complimentary services.