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The Many Successes of Alumnus Rashaan Hornsby

Posted on 9/30/2021 by EDTP Coordinator in LAEDA News

Our Alumnus Rashaan Hornsby is continuously making a difference in the lives of individuals and communities through the many businesses that he owns and operates on a daily basis. He is the owner of Visionary Entertainment, Blueroom Studios, Royal Paper Company, Health Nutz Company and nonprofit Education Over Everything Foundation. Recently, he opened up a new clothing store called “M.A.G.I.C. On Haddon” located at 1216 Haddon Av in Camden, NJ.

M.A.G.I.C. on Haddon is open Monday through Saturday. The hours on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are 11 am to 7 pm and Fridays and Saturdays 10 am to 8 pm. Please consider checking out the website at magiconhaddon.com.

Customers can find men, women and children clothing, shoes, sneakers and accessories. A lot of people in the community really love it because it is a great asset. Why is it a great asset? First, it is local, meaning customers do not have to travel out of the city to shop... Second, it is convenient and saves a lot of time... And last, but also most importantly, it is a home to local talent who want to express their creativitiy through clothing design. 

There are a countless numbers of clothing designers and brands around the store including:

  • Visionary Clothing Line
  • AVR
  • EUSI Couture
  • FAE “Fake Artist Ern”
  • Ocean Revenue
  • Parkside Sport
  • Haas Claaz
  • The TrillWay
  • Cork Hats
  • Walter Byers Designs
  • Brotherhood Line by J.W.
  • Thrillionare
  • DripStar
  • SprayGround Bags

Currently, there is an EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY→ looking to hire two people as sales associates for M.A.G.I.C. on Haddon. Please contact Rashaan at 856-246-9700 if you are interested.

Are you a Clothing Designer? If you would like to have your clothes in a Clothing Store and Online (Website) please consider contacting Rashaan as well to setup a meeting and see how you can possibly grow your brand and sales.

Thank you Rashaan Hornsby for all the difference you are making in the lives of others and touching the hearts of the communities each and everyday as you take care of everyone that comes in the doors of your many businesses.

LAEDA’s Entrepreneurial Development Training Program (EDTP) is a free, nine-week business skills training course offered in Camden, NJ in the Spring and Fall each year. Qualified entrepreneurs receive 72+ hours of training from industry professionals, business planning, and continued technical assistance. Apply online at www.LAEDA.com.

Other Businesses Owned by Rashaan Hornsby:

(1) Royal Paper Company:  

Royal Paper, Inc. is a privately owned distributor of bathroom tissue, other paper products, Jan San, food service, stationary/office products, household cleaning products and personal care products. Our paper products are environmentally friendly using 100% recycled paper. At Royal Paper Company we sell unbleached paper products. We live where you live and care about our people, our communities and about creating jobs in our neighborhoods. We're a Family Owned and Operated Company headquartered in Camden, New Jersey. Our catalog includes over 800 products.

The Education Over Everything Foundation will train and empower today’s Youth, Young Adults and Adults to be Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals, Innovators and positive Role Models for their Communities. With 21st Century Solutions we plan to help fully eradicate poverty from urban communities across America.
(3) Health Nutz 
Health Nutz is a 21st Century Health Cafe (Vegan Options), Juice Bar & Wellness Market. The copmany also provides Mobile Vending Carts, Catering Services & HN Apparel. 
“A New Way To View Music”
We specialize in Artists Development, Management, Publishing, Distribution, Promotions, Brand Management and Recording Studio. It is also the home of Blue Room Studios 
State of the art Recording & Production Studio located in Camden, NJ. The Home of Visionary Entertainment. Founded by Rashaan Hornsby since 2008. 
Instagram Links for Rashaan's businesses: