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Online Reputation In the Internet Age

Posted on 12/24/2016 by EDTP Coordinator in LAEDA News

Devoted entrepreneurs gathered together at LAEDA Headquarters to learn the role of online reputation and the effects of living in the digital age when it comes to business image. Learning about Internet etiquette, ways to strengthen online presence, how to address negative feedback and reputation management are all-important tasks that help to keep a positive online reputation and social media presence. The seminar served as an overview on how to discover the pros and cons of what type and how much information to share online. Jamila Powell, EDTP Assistant Program Manager, shared her expertise on reputation management, how to protect your business from negative reviews online, how to survive in the digital age, the type of information to share online, and much more.

In order to have a successful reputation on the online community it is equally important to not only have good online reputation, but a good personal reputation as well. When it comes to personal reputation it is of essence that we put our best foot forward because how we are represented online makes a difference in how we are viewed by people. In today’s digital age it is significant to monitor the kinds of information that you are giving out and what kind of traffic is on your social media. About 80 million people are goggled everyday thus, online reputation management is important since nearly 8 out of 10 people will look you up and or your business on Google. “People have been turned down for jobs because of what they post online,” stated Jamila Powell, “Among U.S. recruiters, 70 percent have rejected candidates based on their Internet reputation.” Therefore, when someone goggles your name you want to make sure they find positive, accurate information, not negative, irrelevant information about somebody else with the same name.

Thereupon, it is important to build a strong business reputation because with that you can achieve so much more and have a strong foundation for your business that will stand out from the crowd on a long-term success basis. You will be able to attract and retain customers, increase perceptions of quality, you can charge premium prices for the goods and or services that you offer, attract high quality employees that have the same vision as you and or who will work to keep your vision, and can protect yourself from negative factors. Jamila Powell explained the essentials of Internet etiquette and how it represents your business in the eyes of potential clients. When the eyes see words on social media it is not just a matter of what is written, but how it is written. Remember, communication online or through writing is non-verbal and it can be misinterpreted by others if there is no precautions’ taken. Since computers have connected the entire world in all sorts of places and walks it is crucial to understand the value of the Internet age and the success tools that are needed to successfully survive in such an age. “Even the simplest accepts or components can make a difference in whether you are successful or not. For instance, “You must make sure to have a clear subject line, use a professional salutation, proofread your content, and reply to all emails,” described Jamila Powell, “Do not overuse exclamations points, plagiarize, or overuse emotions, or let your messages become spam, which is why you must have a subject line.

Satisfied customers tell an average of 1.5 people and unhappy customers tell between 3 and 33 people. It is always easier to keep one loyal customer then attract many new customers; therefore, you must be careful when it comes to discourtesy. Discourtesy is the number 1 cause of customer dissatisfaction. When it comes to what you say and what you do, you must take into account all the factors that can happen and use precaution to avoid falling in the eyes of your customers and or potential customers. “Don’t have grammatical errors on your business page because then people will think; ‘you are selling or servicing me this, but didn’t even take the time out to edit your site’,” Jamila Powell added to the discussion.

What are the enormous mistakes that are made on social media and how can you avoid them? As Jamila Powell disclosed that many people might focus on their fan count and that should not be the focus when it comes to social media. “You want people to interact and like and or share on your social media engines, which is why you must post accordingly,” mentioned Jamila Powell. So it is necessary to plan your content and when to post so your audience will see it. “Post relevant and helpful information about your company so you can retain current and new customers,” Jamila Powell stated. Some of the factors that were discussed on the mistakes that happen on social media are among the following: (1) Not finding out what your audience likes (2) Not having clear goals and ways to measure progress (3) Not making it about friendships and or relationships (4) Not fully using the page to full potential. Thereafter, how can you strengthen your online presence? As Jamila Powell revealed, “You can use the same username or ID across the board to build a brand and hash tags are important because people who have the same interest will follow you. When it comes to success you want people to have positive reviews about you.” Among the many tools that go into building a strong online presence, the following factors must be included: (1) Keeping a track of your online presence (2) Google yourself and see what others see (3) Claim your domain name (4) Build a brand (5) Set up profiles on major and relevant social media engines (6) Address the issues because issues left unattended can become failures and or obstacles that will not let you succeed or reach your goals. “Read the reviews, respond to customers complaints, and connect and create content,” Jamila Powell emphasized, “No one can talk to your customers better then you because these are the people you have seen, given a service to, sold a product to, and know what the customers want to turn it around.”

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