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The Essentials of Valuable Networking and Relationship Building

Posted on 10/24/2018 by EDTP Coordinator in LAEDA News

Bordentown, NJ – On October 18, LAEDA hosted an event called, “Take the !?!? Out of Networking,” which was presented by our alumnus, Christopher Hampton, a motivational speaker and owner of Champ I AM. Christopher shared his expertise, experiences, and knowledge about entrepreneurship and the world of networking. Entrepreneurs gathered to learn how to make connections, build trust, and make strong relationships that last naturally and mutually.

“I help people understand and find their purpose,” stated Mr. Hampton, “A lot of people make some serious mistakes by just jumping into entrepreneurship without resources and research.” When you take opportunities, you build relationships through those doors and thus networking equals opportunities. Mr. Hampton taught the ambitious entrepreneurs how to take the question, anxiety, mystery and frustration out of networking. “When you look at your backyard in comparison to others who have been in your shoes, your backyard may seem small. You must step out of your backyard to achieve success and that begins with networking,” Mr. Hampton explained.

Networking should not be one-sided or transactional, it should be about creating relationships. Mr. Hampton advised, “A business relationship works two ways... It's about fostering the connection of interested parties over and over again. When that relationship becomes transactional, it’s a one-time customer interaction.” He went on to explain, "People do not know how to connect until you explain your why and relate it to their language and needs. However, during the process, do not try to be like everyone else because if you will not only lose your why but also lose yourself.

Getting out of your comfort zone is vital when it comes to surviving in the entrepreneurial world. Entrepreneurs must make connections naturally as well as use his/ her passion and gifts purely. Mr. Hampton continued to lead the discussion by defining the three types of fears that can hold entrepreneurs back and how those fears can become a burden or even a hindrance to an entrepreneur. The first was fear of failure. “Failure means that there is a problem in the process not in you,” Mr. Hampton said, “The more you know, the less you are afraid and that is why knowledge is the key to removing fear of failure.” He continued, "Do not give fear that license to keep you where you are and not achieve your full potential". The others were fear of rejection and fear of success. Most entrepreneurs know that fear of rejection often causes missed opportunities and as more and more opportunities are missed, you will may miss out on success. It is important to understand, address, and combat these fears by growing your network and, ultimately, building the relationships in your "backyard".

Entrepreneurs should remember the significant factor when networking is to be a connector and help support others in realizing their dreams and achieving success while also building upon thieir passion and "why" through mutually beneficial relationships.

For more information on LAEDA’s event please consider visiting our website at www.laeda.com or contact us via phone at 856-338-1177.

For more information on Christopher Hampton and his business please contact him via email at chrishampton@champiam.org and via phone at 856-345-9812.

Consider checking out the event video by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/christopher.c.hampton/videos/10213042595563879/