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Regional Television Program Latino Motion Gets to Know LAEDA a Little Better

Posted on 6/22/2018 by Ray Lamboy

Five, four, three . . . action! The powerful lights, the rolling camera, and the engaging dialogue between Jamie Shanker and Latino Motion host Bert Lopez revealed nothing of the heavy thunderstorm taking place outside. Deep in the basement of Stockton University’s Richard E. Bjork Library is the school’s television studio, an impressively tight ship run by studio liaison Michael R. Zubrzycki, Mr. Lopez and Ms. Shanker discussed the work of LAEDA’s Women’s Business Center, established in 2016 to assist women in overcoming the additional barriers they face as they go into business.

Mr. Lopez, executive producer and long-time host of the popular show, is no stranger to the great service that LAEDA provides throughout all of South Jersey. This was his first opportunity to learn of the WBC, though, and Ms. Shanker did not shy from sharing all of the high-quality programming coming up throughout LAEDA’s area of service (Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cumberland, and Gloucester Counties). She was also happy to share the success story of a recent EDTP alumnus. To watch the full interview, click here. https://youtu.be/wg6dYuDlvh0