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LAEDA Women’s Business Center Supports Small Business Owners by Offering COVID-19 Resources

Posted on 6/29/2020 by EDTP Coordinator in LAEDA News

As restrictions on businesses continue in an effort to halt the spread of this novel virus, federal and state governments have provided funds through various programs to meet the immediate needs of small business owners. In order to navigate these programs, apply for funding, and reinvent their businesses in these unprecedented times, LAEDA and LAEDA Women’s Business Center (WBC) have provided COVID-19-related assistance to over 300 small business owners.

Starting on July 15, the LAEDA Women's Business Center (WBC) will host a 5-week virtual training course, After the Curve, to provide small businesses with relevant strategies to relaunch and thrive in the post-COVID economy. Classes are held virtually on Wednesdays from 6PM-8PM, from July 15 to August 12. Topics include accessing capital and emergency funding, engaging your clients, sales strategies, and protecting your business from cyber threats in the era of COVID-19.

To date, LAEDA and LAEDA WBC staff have dedicated over 65 hours to providing one-on-one COVID-19 related technical assistance, supporting 285 full-time and part-time jobs. Our clients have received over $250k of capital infusions through disaster loans and emergency grants.

As LAEDA and LAEDA WBC continue to support entrepreneurs and small business owners during this time, consider ways that you as a consumer can support small businesses during this time. Perhaps you can purchase several gift cards from your favorite local restaurant, ask about contactless delivery and online-based sales. As the state continues to open up, remember to shop small and to shop safely!

If you are a small business owner in need of resources due to COVID-19, visit the LAEDA Women's Business Center at www.laedawbc.com or call us at 856-338-1177.