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LAEDA Team Enjoys Some Summer Fun & Games

Posted on 7/30/2019 by Ray Lamboy in LAEDA News

Camden, NJ – The team at LAEDA took a break from their busy summer schedule to have some fun playing picnic games and share a potluck meal last week at their Camden headquarters.

“This team works so hard every day for our clients”, said Ray Lamboy, President & CEO.  “It’s always nice to take abreak from the hustle and bustle and have some fun.”  “I look forward to days like these, we get to know each other better and find out how competitive we are”, said Jamila Powell, Program Manager of the Women’s Business Center. 
Team members each created a game for day’s play.  Ray Lamboy came up with an indoor and “hallway safe” version of Bocce.  Annabel Soto put her lungs to the test with a balloon based human-worm relay race.  Jamila Powell introduced water and darts into the mix with “Wet n’ Wild Darts”.  Dina Maldonado put together a traditional game of water balloon toss.  Alejandro Cruz channeled his favorite game, soccer, in creating his “Penalty Kick” game.  Sophie Werner, our newest addition to the team, created a tin-can bowling game.  Finally, Sehrish Khan created a Frisbee toss basket game.
The group divided into teams of two and competed for bragging rights and the prized half day off for each team member.  The “Republic of Adminish”, made up of Annabel Soto and Dina Maldonado got off to a fast start and won the Bocce game, breaking out to a 100 point lead over, “Team ROWR-Mania”, Jamila Powell and Sophie Werner and “The Winners”, Alejandro Cruz and Sehrish Khan.  Ray Lamboy served as scorekeeper of the games.
Team ROWR – Mania struck back with a win in the human worm relay race.  The teams kept things tight during the Wet n’ Wild darts game, but things broke open after the Water balloon toss with The Winners leading the competition with 1,000 points going into the Penalty Kick.  The game was harder than expected with the Republic of Adminish being the only team to score.  Tin Bowling resulted in a first place position for The Winners, followed by the Republic of Adminish in second and Team ROWR-Mania in third. With just 100 points separating first and second place, the teams began the Frisbee Toss game.  The Winners fought off the other teams and won the game and the entire competition with 1,450 points.

The team then shared a potluck meal of a Spanish dish called Piñon, garden salad, taco dip & tortilla chips and apple pie.  “All work and no play is no fun”, said Annabel Soto. “Being able to enjoy each other’s company, have some fun and enjoy a meal is a real treat for us all.”