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LAEDA Joins Hispanic Family Center To Form Family In Motion Collaborative

Posted on 8/2/2016 by EDTP Coordinator in LAEDA News

Camden, NJ (July 11, 2016) - The Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey, Inc., (HFC) announced that it has received funding from The Pascale Sykes Foundation to create the new Families in Motion (FIM) collaborative. The Center for Human Services (CHS), Inspira Health Network and LAEDA will join HFC in forming FIM. The goal of the collaborative will be to help families in Gloucester and Cumberland Counties become healthier and happier through economic stability, healthy lifestyles, and civic engagement.

 “The program utilizes a variety of resources to assist working families in diverse areas,” said Elsa Candelario, executive director of the Hispanic Family Center. “FIM is a necessary program for a number of our families in the Gloucester and Cumberland area. It’s about taking the extra step with each and every family to meet them where they are and help them achieve their goals as a family and we are grateful to the Pascal Sykes Foundation for funding this important initiative.” 

Similarly, Ray Lamboy, President & CEO of LAEDA stated, “LAEDA is looking forward to joining forces with our collaborative members to form Families in Motion.  Each member of the group brings a unique perspective and resources to the challenges we hope to address through our work.  The Pascal Sykes Foundations model takes this work to a whole new level not experienced before.  We look forward to working with the families of Gloucester and Cumberland counties in their efforts to improve their families, neighborhoods and communities.” 
In forming FIM, HFC responded to a Request for Funding from The Pascale Sykes Foundation, which supports a select number of innovative, flexible, holistic, long-range programs that promote the integrity, independence and well-being of the intergenerational family unit. The Foundation focuses on programs targeting low-income families with at least one actual or potential wage earner and those involving open, voluntary enrollment. 
FIM is an intensive collaborative effort, with families able to attain services across the main focus areas at each of the partner agencies. HFC, CHS, and LAEDA have each hired a Family Development Coach to work directly with the families to help them achieve their goals. 
“Inspira Health Network is excited about the funding of the “Families In Motion” project for Gloucester and Cumberland counties,” said Carolyn Heckman, VP of Community Relations at Inspira Health Network. 
There are many families that will benefit from this program.   Providing a “family coach” is essential in connecting families with the programs and services that each family needs.   That has been the missing link in the past. People just did not know where to go to seek the particular services they needed.   Inspira is committed to providing the highest quality of health care in the communities it serves.  Helping families to strengthen and improve their lives through the Families in Motion project will lead to maintaining their health and happiness.”   
Throughout the course of the year, FIM will provide intensive case management services in the areas of economic stability, healthy well-being and civic engagement to approximately 200 families in Gloucester and Cumberland counties. The economic stability services will cover money management skills, accumulating wealth, and improving earning potential. Healthy well-being services will include quality nutrition, proactive approaches to good physical health, and cultivating an emotionally safe and healthy family life. Civic engagement services will promote participation in civic affairs and duties, as well as leading and participating in activities that build community.