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LAEDA Celebrates National Black Business Month

Posted on 8/24/2022 by EDTP Coordinator in LAEDA News

In celebration of National Black Business Month, LAEDA joined approximately 30 other vendors at Curate Noir’s 2nd annual Black Business Expo held August 6-7th at the Moorestown Mall and August 20-21st at the Cherry Hill Mall. The expo, spearheaded by Curate Noir owners Nika and Alban Corbett, is a natural extension of their company’s mission. Curate Noir strives to highlight and bring awareness to Black and brown businesses by having their products get in front of more customers whether that’s lining the shelves of the store located in the Moorestown Mall or participating as a vendor in the business expo.

"It just falls right in line with the mission that we do here in the store where we're showcasing different businesses, and making sure people know that these businesses are available to be purchased from as well even if they're not at the Targets, the Walmarts, but maybe they will be one day," Nika stated.

Between Nika and Alban’s network and professional experience, they have been able to bring a variety of products to Curate Noir as well as the business expos ranging from baked goods, sauces, and seasonings to jewelry, books, organic beauty products and more.

Their ultimate goal is showcase the businesses so that people can become familiar with some of these great brands that they were already aware of. And they accomplished that goal since hundreds of individuals attended these expos to take advantage of products from business owners from all around New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and even New York.   

To learn more about Curate Noir, visit their website or follow them on social media: Instagram and Facebook