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LAEDA Alumni Connections Initiative- Creating Your Dream Team Part 1

Posted on 9/15/2019 by EDTP Coordinator in LAEDA News

Social gatherings and connecting with others is a vital part of succeeding in not just your personal life, but your professional life as well. Building valuable relationships are essential in all walks of life. In Cherry Hill, NJ- on September 12th, LAEDA had another one of its Alumni Networking Event entitled Creating Your Dream Team Part 1. LAEDA Alumni and staff gathered to discuss personal and professional goals, achievements, and challenges. The LAEDA Alumni Connections Initiative was established to create opportunities for alumni to connect with each other through networking, workshops, and other events.

All gathered around the dining table at PJ Whelihans whilst enjoying the delicious food and the music in the background. There was a lot of talk about how important it is to support each other in the path of being an entrepreneur. Each alumnus spoke candidly about where he or she was in their business and where the business venture could lead. In addition, each alumnus talked about how support is important in overall business achievement because sharing knowledge and resources are milestones toward prosperity and success. Jamila Powell, WBC Program Manager stressed that "the doors are always open for our alumni". 

At the end of the night, alumni were reminded that LAEDA will continue to provide business counseling in order for to continue to further develop business concepts and apply knowledge and experiences in their endevors. Everyone agreed to have these valuable social gatherings to build up support systems, celebrate successes, share knowledge/experiences and be each other’s strengths through those challenges. Having a network full of supportive relationships is a valuable asset that entrepreneurs should always invest in.

LAEDA Alumni Connections Initiative is a joint effort of LAEDA and its Women’s Business Center to create opportunities for alumni to connect with each other through networking, workshops, and other events.

The LAEDA Women’s Business Center assists individuals with writing business plans, researching industries, building connections and relationships, find locations and resources, and much more. Please check out our website at www.laedawbc.com and or call 856-338-1177.