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Guerrilla Marketing It's About Knowing Your Customers In A Crowded Marketplace

Posted on 3/24/2016 by Ray Lamboy in LAEDA News

Entrepreneurs assembled at LAEDA Headquarters to learn about Guerrilla Marketing, effective ways of marketing your business and its products and services, fundamentals of marketing, and how to shop around for advertising, low cost or no cost high pact marketing tactics. Raymond L. Lamboy, President and Chief Executive Officer of LAEDA shared his expertise in the marketing strategies and disclosed many factors people could not even imagine.

“You know what people like based on their profile. We look at their lifestyle and try to communicate them accordingly,” said Mr. Lamboy. “How do you present that product to that person?” Mr. Lamboy explained a beneficial rule of thumb when marketing to potential customers in today’s crowded marketplace. “Know your customers, never cater to everyone.” As Mr. Lamboy explained, It is important to always keep your marketing simple and be worth talking about because we see 5,000 ads and or branding messages per day and one every 11.52 seconds. Therefore, it is essential to show the customer what is important to them by showing them what’s in it for them to invest in your business.

Mr. Lamboy went to clarify the branding basics: (1) being consistent is important so it is the same message every time and you can recognize it everywhere; example, think about the coke cola brand image. (2) “You need to sell your product in the right situation,” it should be relevant. (3) Remember everything has a season so be timely. (4) “How does it make you feel?” have emotional connection with your product or service. Mr. Lamboy added the rules of guerrilla marketing by explaining that, “It must be unexpected, catch their interest immediately, and must leave them wanting more.” He suggested attendees to go to www.gmarketing.com to learn more Guerilla Marketing from the Grandfather of Guerilla Marketing, Jay Conrad.

“It is important to keep people engaged on social media; they should be learning from you about your products and services,” Bertha Sarmina, Program Manager of LAEDA’s Women’s Business Center explained. Ms. Sarmina added, “What experience do you want your customers to have when they are looking at your ad?” Therefore, as Mr. Lamboy mentioned that it’s the benefits of your products and or services and not just the features that will drive traffic and build your brand. “Your customer profile is the magnifying glass that focuses on your customers.”

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