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WBC Hosts Google Livestream Event: Growing Your Google Search Presence and Making Meaningful Connections

Posted on 5/15/2018 by Ray Lamboy in LAEDA News

Camden, NJ- May 2, 2018 – In celebration of National Small Business Week, the Women’s Business Center (WBC), now in its third year, brought back EDTP alumni for networking and an education session about how they can grow their Google search presence. Business owners from different industries – including a hair salon owner, an owner of two Mexican restaurants, a natural hair stylist and a tax preparation consultant. LAEDA’s alumni-entrepreneurs gathered at the organization’s computer lab for a live-stream webinar presented by Google on how to list your business online and the most effective ways of doing so.

In the computer lab, alumni learned how today’s consumer is curious, demanding and impatient. Google drives over 400 million meaningful connections between American business and their consumers each month. Since three out of four online consumers use a search engine to find local business, Google highlighted how adding as much information as possible on a business’s listing is critical because it drives direct connections. Representatives from the tech company’s small business division went over how they can help small business owners stand out with fresh and timely content, engage with their consumers, and discover and connect with new consumers.

Learning to attract the attention of the consumers right from the beginning is vital and, according to Google, a small business owner should think about what story he or she is trying to sell. Of the utmost importance, one must not forget to tell consumers what they are to do after a call of action has been made.

A little known fact is that ninety percent of consumers are more likely to visit a business if that business has a number on Google that they can click on with one touch on Google search to make the call at that moment. Connecting with consumers (current and new ones), partners, local businesses and other small businesses is a valuable asset in using Google along with getting a significant exposure for a business on a search engine.

Getting out critical answers to consumers who are looking as soon as possible for rich and accurate information is one of the main reasons for having a Google listing. Remember as per Google’s presentation, that you can make updates on your phone on the go through Google’s mobile app and writing advertisements that are tailored for your audience is known for keeping those potential consumers for your business. Thereupon, as Google explained that encouraging your consumers to write reviews about your products or services is essential to when it comes to building upon marketing posts for your business. “Ask for reviews and testimonials from your consumers,” added Jamie Shanker. Making consumers part of your business and decisions can help build a positive and successful presence in the competitive world of business.

Toward the end of Google’s presentation, Google left attendees with a website gybo.com/business to search for their businesses while highlighting a listing should only take three seconds to catch and keep the attention of consumers. Users should remember to use Google Insights to monitor the number and types of searches that consumers looked for while on their site.

After the completion of the Google presentation, Jamie Shanker opened the computer lab for the alumni in the room to connect with each other and share more about their “small business journey.”