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Cultivating Relationships Starts with a Business Card

Posted on 2/1/2019 by EDTP Coordinator in LAEDA News

Cultivating relationships is an important part of becoming successful no matter what business venture an entrepreneur has chosen. These relationships create a system that help individuals connect, share knowledge, and exchange resources. This is why LAEDA held its second Alumni Connections Initiative event on Thursday, January 10, 2019 at the Sweet Water Bar & Grill. The event, called Alumni Networking: Business Card Exchange, was designed to help EDTP/ WBA graduates come together and begin building the LAEDA alumni business directory. It also provided an opportunity for them to identify potential clients, strategic partners, etc. Creating these connections will guide business owners in realizing more opportunities that can lead to business success.

The simple gesture of exchanging business cards or handshakes allows people to establish new connections and work on the business pitch, which are things that should business owners should always consider. Being able to marketing your business through various channels allows for greater visibility and networking is a great way to begin enhancing that visibility. Being able to access the connections through resources like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can generate a wider audience and potentially increased sales. 

While enjoying the delicious food, Jamila Powell, Program Director - Women's Business Center and Alex LaBant, Assistant Program Manager -  Women's Business Center informed each LAEDA alumnus of the value in building relationships with one another. To support the process, each event participants were provided ring holders to collect and organize each alumni cards they received. After, LAEDA alumni began walking around the beautiful restaurant exchanging cards, conversing, and making connections- some old and some new. This newly acquired ring of business cards was now a resource for potential business clients and/ or needed products/ services. At the end of the night, LAEDA alumni walked away with valuable conversations, connections, and a support system right in the palm of their hands.

The LAEDA Women’s Business Center assists individuals with writing business plans, researching industries, building connections and relationships, find locations and resources, and much more. Please check out our website at www.laedawbc.com and or call 856-338-1177.