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Collaboration is key – always! Burlington County for the win

Posted on 8/28/2018 by Ray Lamboy

August 10, 2018- Whether it’s conducting business-to-business sales or seeking out a complementary product that would pair just perfectly with yours – think wine and cheese – we at LAEDA consider collaboration to be a skill integral to the livelihood of any business. Networking and creating word-of-mouth marketing mechanisms is critical regardless of the product or service provided by a company. The team at LAEDA, of course, practices what it teaches, so when our friends at the Burlington County Library System (BLCS for short) told us about a small business networking and workshop series they host on Friday mornings, we jumped at the chance to connect with their community and make sure they knew about all the great (and free!) programs and services we provide.

Alex LaBant, WBC Assistant Program Manager, attended their July meet-up to share about the Entrepreneurial Development Training Program and other great programs LAEDA offers as well as hear about the diverse array of businesses that are supported by the library. Joan Divor, the county’s business librarian, also has some excellent tools at her disposal. For example, the library’s Bizminer database access is an excellent tool for identifying the local competition and utilizing demographics to most strategically design a marketing plan.

The following month, LAEDA was invited to collaborate on a business planning workshop. Mr. LaBant returned on August 10th to share a basic framework for the traditional business plans that LAEDA emphasizes as a foundation to growing a business. Attendees, whose industries were as diverse as real estate, quilting, aromatherapy, and court reporting, shared about whether they had a business plan or had embarked on the process of writing one. Many found the task daunting, but set out with a renewed energy to map out their own path for business success.

Attendees were encouraged to make one-on-one appointments with the LAEDA Women’s Business Center in order to take advantage of the business coaching service. Over 60% of counseling clients say that their experience exceeded expectations, while 100% of everyone surveyed stated that it met expectations.

LAEDA looks forward to a robust and engaging relationship with BCLS in months to come, and Burlington County businesses are encouraged to connect with their business department to talk about local resources. To attend a BCLS Business Meet Up, check out their Meet-Up group here:  https://www.meetup.com/VentureHubBCLS/.