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Posted on 12/22/2021 by EDTP Coordinator in LAEDA News

On Thursday, December 2nd, LAEDA hosted its Second Annual Alumni Business Expo and Virtual Holiday Market where viewers from the comfort of their own homes got to hear from LAEDA graduates about their holiday specials, current promotions, and new products. There were vouchers/gift cards ranging from marriage/family counseling, photography, videography and toys and clothing to bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation, vision boards, and massage therapy and nutrition. Therefore, you had a variety of valuable products and services to purchase for people on your holiday gift list.

Our market door opened with Jamila Powell Program Manager- Women’s Business Center going over some really valuable information on what LAEDA and the Women's Business Center does for its alumni of the Entrepreneurial Development Training Program (EDTP) and Women's Business Academy (WBA) programs. “We welcome you to our second annual Virtual Holiday Market…Just wanted to mention that this holiday market is a part of what we call our LAEDA Alumni Connections Initiatives. This initiative is really set up for alumni of our nine-week program who have successfully graduated either our Entrepreneurial Development Training Program or our Women’s Business Academy, giving them the opportunity to not only network and connect with one another, but to also have moments to talk about their businesses and promote their businesses with the help of LAEDA and LAEDA’s Women Business Center. So, the LAEDA Alumni Connections Initiative is really set up just so we can continue to connect with alumni of our nine-week programs, have them network amongst one another, utilize one another’s services, and really keep in contact with the organization,” Jamila Powell explains and opens up the market shop for our alumni and shoppers. LAEDA wants to make sure that small businesses continue to thrive even amidst the pandemic.

Sophie Werner, Program Manager of LAEDA's Business Service Center introduced all the alumni/business owners that came over virtually tonight and she encouraged and thanked them throughout the night. Showing support and being there for one another makes great things happen and take place not just in the lives of those particular business owners, but others amongst them as well. Then virtual holiday market door opens with Clara Lyons DeVaughn with Lyonsview Realty.

“A lot of time when people think about real estate, they think of it as something that’s unattainable and I just get so much joy in educating people that there is possibility for you to invest and I say invest because you can purchase anything. But an investment means that you’re making a commitment and you’re thinking about all the aspects of what that investment provides. So, it’s not only a roof over your head but it also can be a way that you send your children to college in the future because as you gain equity, as that investment grows, in value in a house or any property that you purchase, over time is to improve and grow in value and you take that investment and you leverage it for other things that you want to do. So, Lyonsview Realty is not about just purchasing a property, it’s about making an investment in your lifestyle and not just your lifestyle for today, but your lifestyle for the future,” Clara Lyons DeVaughn illustrates.

She has a channel on YouTube called Financial Fridays Lyonsview Realty in which she gives helpful information and tips for homeownership and much more on finances. She left us off with stating that a home is a great shelter it houses our dreams, it houses our ideas, it houses our secrets, it houses a lot of wonderful memories and it is a space that is irreplaceable. When we purchase a home we have plentiful goals to look for and achievements to be made by purchasing a certain one in a certain place and Lyonsview Realty is the place to knock on for help. To get in touch with her please consider visiting her website http://clara.lyonsviewrealty.com/ or visit her Facebook Page: Lyonsview Realty.

Along with buying a house, relationships are what keeps us living and going and what life is all about whether its personal or professional without relationships there is almost no meaning to life and everyday tasks. Andrea Riley and Cliff at The Marriage Service Technicians, equip relationships with tools to go the distance and they help fine-tune relationships skills through their workshops, counseling, coaching, events, videos and much more. No matter the size of the family and no matter what step of the relationship people are at Andrea Riley and Cliff are there to help and save it. They both talked about their book, Prayer Journals tonight as well and if you would like to check them out visit them at their website themarriagetechs.com or their Facebook page: Marriage Service Technicians.

Andrea, “Cliff and I will be there for you every step of the way until you finish your challenge.”

Cliff, “Come out of your comfort zone, change your perspectives and narrative.”

In today’s world, especially amidst the pandemic technology and the thoughtful of clicking for what one needs has increased and fulfills the wants and needs of the world. Howard Smith with HRS Video Creations does Videography and Cinematography, Filming’s of live events: graduations, weddings, family events, holidays and much more.
He even has a YouTube Channel called The Essence of You where he has a lot of samples.

“I like to put together stories of individuals because a person’s story is important and people can relate,” Howard Smith points out. It is true the way people tell their story or their brands story draws people toward them and this helps create relationships, which are important to being successful whether personally or professionally. If you would like to get in touch with Howard Smith please consider visiting his website at hrsvideocreations.com or giving him a call at 609-922-2881.

Give someone the gift of hugging by getting a character toy from the planet hug where all living things hug and are lovable and each character is unique and different looking. Judy Money Shappell with Boogie-Eyed Creeps has created an entire brand that currently includes Plush sensory toys, T-shirts, keyrings, reusable shopping bags and her products will bring the gift of hugs and love in anyone’s home when they open up their present from the Planet Hugs, where all living things hug.

“If you are interested in any of my products please contact me by visiting my website at www.boogieeyedcreeps.com and or give me a call at 856-905-5420.”

In these hard times and even not so hard times hugs and love come a long way and give us the strength and motivation we need to overcome life’s challenges and struggles. As mentioned before, the digital world has become the way of living and the click of getting what we need and want right at our fingertips. Therefore, digital business development and branding are of essence and everyone goes through different phrases of business and establishes process to get out day-to-day business operations.

“I help busy, overwhelmed, multi-passionate, entrepreneurs create and develop simple digital systems to reduce overwhelm in business. So, if you’re a small business owner, most likely, you’re doing all the things in your business. You’re the marketing person. You’re the HR person. You’re the IT person and you’re putting on so many different hats, right? So, and you may find yourself, you know, in hustle mode all the time and find yourself burnt out and overwhelmed. In order to get out that stage of the cycle of overwhelm, you do have to establish systems and processes in your business so that it can run without your presence. So you should be in a stage where you can hire or you can hire technology to do all the mundane tasks, all the administrative tasks, or majority of it that’s time consuming. So, that’s one thing I do help with,” Brittany Guy with BCA Digital expresses. If you would like to get in touch with her please visit her on her website at http://www.bguyconsulting.com/ or her Facebook at BCA Digital.

While we are on the topic of technology and the digital world it is now more than ever important for business to keep their peace of mind. Felix Agbessi with My Accounting Partner LLC has been doing accounting for more than 25 years and he can help with bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation. He also made a really precise and crucial point that Small Business Owners should know the form of business they operate and what tax they need to pay and have to file in order to succeed in business.

“Accounting and bookkeeping is important to know because you need to know how your business is doing. If you don’t know how your business is doing how would you know if it is succeeding or not or what you should be doing next,” Felix Agbessi states, “We will be your partner to help you succeed that is why I say your accounting partner.”

To get in touch with Felix Agbessi please visit his Facebook page at My Accounting Partner, LLC and or call him at 856-677-8052.

Aside from taking care of your business and all of its aspects it is just as important to take care of yourself. After all, who will look after everything if you become unwell? Asa Msthangthang Bell with Ase to The Rescue offers handmade health and beauty products, which are all natural. She will give you a realistic approach to beauty and wellness and help you take care of your immune system and fighting off things.

“Your body loves and appreciates when you take care of it and 2021 was the year that exposed us to things we are not aware or knowledgeable of,” Asa Msthangthang Bell says, “Applying what you learned to everything that you learned is what 2022-year is all about.”

If you would like to get in touch with Asa Msthangthang Bell please reach her by visiting her website: asetotherescue.com/bigcartel, Facebook page: Ase To The Rescue and/ or Instagram page: @AseToTheRescue.

Getting motivated is something we all need to focus on everyday because our motivations get us through what we need to do and accomplish. Marcela Tapiero at Your Dreamwall has vision boards, affirmation cards and workshops to help motivate and focus on essential goals to match your goals and what you are looking to achieve. Her business is a way to help others commit to mastering every area of their lives through powerful words of affirmation and visualization.

“It is all about mindset, you will attract people and opportunities. Opportunities are something that chases you not you chasing them,” Marcela Tapiero states, “We take you from a space of fear and blockage and take you to joy, vision and success. Drive your success and move forward with your visions.”

To get in touch with Marcela Tapiero please consider visiting her website at www.yourdreamwall.com and or visit her Facebook Page at  your_dreamwall

With that being said, as individuals and or business owners there are so many different roles to play and so many different aspects to manage everyday along with managing multiple social media sites. April A. Ward is the President and CoOwner along with James E. Ward, the Vice President and CoOwner of Creative Content OnDemand, which helps businesses grow working in major market broadcast televisions news and creative services production along with being a one-stop multimedia marketing turnkey powerhouse services of creating compelling videos, capturing breathtaking photos, managing multiple social sites, and drafting public advisory for media outlets.

“You can get free advertising through the news, there is good news and it’s You- Your business because storytelling is important and we help businesses spread their messages through meaningful ways,” April A. Ward explains, “We can travel the county as well and work with many clients.”

If you would like to get in touch with April A. Ward and James E. Ward please consider visiting them at their website www.weareccod.com and check out info@weareccod.com. You can also call them at 856-889-6451 or visit their Facebook at Creative Content OnDemand.

Giving the gift of putting all things together to create a better sense of Self is important because our mind set and bodies need to be healthy for us to be able to do anything in life. Franchette Polite at A Touch to Health provides a service where she practices massage therapy and nutrients and a bunch of things all coupled together to work on the body for health and wellness.

“Give me a call and set up and appointment and we will create a plan on bettering you,”
Franchette Polite stated. If you would like to get in touch with her please call her at 973-223-6879.

In the midst of taking care of our businesses, health and wellness, our goals, our relationships we must take care of our homes as well. Rashaan Hornsby at Royal Paper Company has over 800 different products in their catalog- everything from bathroom, tissue, to paper towels to janitorial products and much more. Please visit his website at www.royalpapercompany.com/. He also has a Magic Store called “M.A.G.I.C. On Haddon” located at 1216 Haddon Av in Camden, NJ and Customers can find men, women and children clothing, shoes, sneakers and accessories. Please consider checking out the website at  magiconhaddon.com. You can also visit his Facebook page at MAGIC On Haddon. Along with this he has more businesses and another one he mentions tonight is called Visionary Entertainment, which is specialized in Artists Development, Management, Publishing, Distribution, Promotions, Brand Management and Recording Studio. It is also the home of Blue Room Studios. Please visit his Facebook page at VISIONARY ENTERTAINMENT.

“Follow my page on Instagram, which is BB Camden Great which is Book Bear Camden Great. I’m about to release my first children’s book. It’s a series of five books. But it’s a children’s book highlighting people from the city of Camden all people that have become successful whether in entertainment, sports, politics, and business just highlighting people that most Camden City residents have never heard of or they may have forgotten about. But just shine a light on people from Camden that are going great things that are Camden Greats,” explains Rashaan Hornsby.

Here are a few ways in which these individuals mentioned how LAEDA and its services helped them or what those services did for them:

(1) Clara Lyons DeVaughn with Lyonsview Realty:
“I recommend the LAEDA program because it’s a great place to put your business plan together, to develop strategies for your business, to get financial advice and support and also to network with other entrepreneurs. Groups like LAEDA are here to teach us and assist us in our business journeys. I love LAEDA. It is such a great place and a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who really have a passion and a desire to move forward with their vision. To get the resources and the support that they need for their journey.”

(2) Howard Smith with HRS Video Creations:
“I learned from LAEDA to be able to reach out.”

(3) April A. Ward with Creative Content OnDemand:
“LAEDA the program helped my husband and I to keep that fire going and to keep us motivated toward success. Thank you so much LAEDA.”

(4) Barbara Hall-Bryant and Crystal Lewis with I Say Yes Salon & Spa, LLC, it’s a business that provides the following: Hair & Makeup Architects, Licensed Cosmetologists, Beauty Experts, Educators, Trainers, Philanthropists.

Barbara Hall-Bryant: “LAEDA is known for Leaders birthing Leaders. Thank you Mr. Raymond L Lamboy and the amazing LAEDA Team for supporting our small businesses and this platform.”

For more information on these businesses, contact the LAEDA WBC at wbc@laeda.com.

All participating business owners are graduates of our 9-week business-training program, which started back in 1990! Rewatch or if you missed it watch the virtual market via Facebook live by clicking on the link below:

LAEDA offers seminars and short-term courses in various counties of South Jersey throughout the year. A long-term course is also offered three times per year where entrepreneurs receive 72+ hours of training from industry professionals, business planning, and business counseling. The program is free, but you must qualify.

LAEDA welcomes you to join our community of successful entrepreneurs. Visit our website at www.laeda.com or call (856) 338-1177 to learn more.