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Chelsea EDC and LAEDA Tour Chelsea with StoreFront Mastery

Posted on 2/27/2023 by Ray Lamboy in LAEDA News

Atlantic City, NJ - On Wednesday February 8, 2023, Jaime Izurieta, owner of StoreFront Mastery, Ray Lamboy, President and CEO of LAEDA joined Elizabeth Terenik, Executive Director of Chelsea Economic Development on a tour of the commercial districts of the Chelsea neighborhood of Atlantic City. The tour was in preparation for the upcoming StoreFront Transformation Workshop scheduled for 3/20/23 and 3/21/23.

The purpose of the tour was to learn about the districts at street level and assess the current conditions after which StoreFront Mastery will prepare a district-wide assessment and recommendations for improving the district's appeal to the many visitors, residents and workers who call Chelsea home each day. 

“The right design can work miracles for your store: It can help you tell a story and sell emotion, attachment and an experience that your customers will want to buy. A good storefront design is the first

step to success”, said Mr. Izurieta.  “Focusing on your customer's experience can create a new kind of relationship with your customer base. Get smart by matching your passion and your story to the design of your storefront.”

Storefront Mastery will be hosting its acclaimed “Idea Factory” workshop where Jaime will provide business owners with tools and tactics for creating legendary downtown experiences.  Hands-on activities will allow business owners to apply what they’ve learned to their store front.  At this workshop, Jaime will share his district assessment report and recommendations covering strategic, branding, experience design and public space interventions to boost cohesion and attractiveness.

“I am looking forward to what Jaime has in store for us”, said Ray Lamboy, President & CEO of LAEDA.  “Walking the district with him opened our eyes to low cost - high impact opportunities to transform Chelsea into a destination.”  LAEDA has been supporting Chelsea EDC in providing training and counseling to district businesses in small business finance.  As part of this effort, LAEDA will be managing the District Transformation Capital Grant Program.  The awards through this program include a one on one consultation with Jaime at their business, a personalized assessment and recommendations report and up to $5,000 in capital to implement recommendations.

“I am so excited to bring this opportunity to our business community here in Chelsea”, said Elizabeth Terenik. “Jaime has a way of seeing things that just opens the world of opportunity to transform our district.  Chelsea EDC was successful in receiving funding from the Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit Program from the State of New Jersey.  Through this funding, Elizabeth and her team have been make great strides in supporting the business community and enhancing the quality of life for residents in Chelsea.

If you are a Chelsea-based business owner and want to participate in the StoreFront Transformation Workshop and Capital Grant program, register to attend one of the two workshops scheduled for March 20, 2023 or March 21, 2023.  Follow this link to register - https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07ejmcxkzc75f08eae&oseq=&c=&ch=