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Business Basics Session

Posted on 2/26/2017 by EDTP Coordinator in LAEDA News

On a February evening, several women came to the LAEDA seminar room to hear WBC Program Manager, Jamie Shanker, present on the key components necessary for starting a small business. From pondering viability to marketing to financing, this “Business Basics” seminar was a 2-hour comprehensive overview of the decisions that go in to setting up a small business. Our 5-week Jump Start and 9-week EDTP courses go in to more detail on all of these topics.

Attendees were in various stages of business growth and included a party planner and a psychologist. We discussed the importance of taking the time to develop a comprehensive business plan. We reviewed basic legal considerations including the benefits to forming an LLC and the importance of reviewing local zoning laws when purchasing property, especially when thinking about purchasing a residential house to use in part for a business, like one attendee is considering.

By the end of the training each attendee expressed an interest in signing up for LAEDA’s nine week Entrepreneurial Development Training Program which will be hosted in our Camden office in April. Registration for EDTP as well as other seminars can be found on the LAEDA website. We welcome anyone interested in pursuing their small business dream to attend a LAEDA workshop.