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Alumni Networking Event: There's an App For That: How New Tech Can Work for Your Business!

Posted on 2/22/2021 by EDTP Coordinator in LAEDA News

Camden, NJ- On Thursday, February 11, 2021 LAEDA WBC hosted its quarterly alumni event. The event titled, There’s An App For That: How New Tech Can Work for Your Business! included several panelists including Gloria Pena from PNC Bank, Dylan Betrix from ADP and Justin Deng Accounting Professor from Rutgers University-Camden. The panelists and LAEDA’s Alumni of EDTP/WBA gathered for an evening of networking and to discuss the latest mobile applications that small business owners can use to manage and grow their business(es). Each panelist wanted to ensure that business owners have valuable resources from accounting and scheduling to content creation and payment processing in order to guide them on their entrepreneurial journey.

Jamila Powell, Program Manager of the Women’s Business Center at LAEDA set the tone for the night with these words, “We have 89 sessions of our nine-week training program and it is important to have our alumni network, create relationships,  and gain the resources they need to build a strong foundation for their businesses.”

Networking is a valuable tool and investment for small business owners that will create many opportunities, guidance and successes on their entrepreneurial journey and using the correct apps helps to put the small business owners business in their customers palms, pockets and sets up survival mode especially in this advanced IT world that all of us live in today. Jamila Powell, Program Manager at LAEDA’s Women’s Business Center started off the discussion for the night by introducing everyone and their roles and letting each and every person share their background and what they do which helps build connections and is a significant story telling tool, which helps business owners not only to gain an edge in their competition, but also to nurture their leads, successfully grow business and develop a loyal customer foundation.

When starting a business you need to focus on every cent that you invest. Gloria Pena from PNC BANK, who has been with PNC BANK for 17 Years and holds the role as vice president in business banking and specializes in small business, discloses helpful and valuable information.

“The main focus for us is when we talk to a customer we are looking at processing fees and helping the small business owners save as much as they can and we bring the bank to small business owners because we know that they are busy so we go to them,” Gloria Pena expresses, “I love the role of being out there and meeting people and learning about peoples businesses and most of the services with PNC Bank do not have a contract- so any service that you use please make sure that you are integrating into your bank accounts that you have fraud protection. We sit should to shoulder with business owners to come up with solutions for safety and what the small business owner needs.”

Some funds are limited so please do not wait and jump into an opportunity that can be beneficial to your entrepreneurial journey and if you have any questions you can contact Gloria Pena- PNC VP Business Banking Relationship Manager on her cell at 856-655-1151 and or email her at Gloria.pena@pnc.com.

Did you know that Data Management is of essence to businesses; especially in the following areas: Productivity, cost efficiency, operational management, keeping an eye on and having protective security risks, it helps to reduce loss data and helps to make and evaluate accurate decisions along with helping out employees and even the cliente foundation? Also, during this time in our world, especially when everything is fast-based, so technology and IT advanced and with everyone wanting all the information, products, resources and knowledge within the palms of their hands this is a vital topic to learn and cover successfully.

Dylan Betrix from FPC Small Business Services ADP Mobile Solutions explains how ADP, which stands for Always Designing for People is definitely the leader of the industry and it can help any size business, however if it is 50 or more employees then Dylan will have to rope in his partner because there are a lot more complexity and components involved for 50 or more employees. Dylan stated how business owners could process payroll 24.7 with them, manage time and attendance. ADP Mobile Solutions rank number 5 for security in the year 2020 and the app is an easy use and really powerful. In this competitive digital world that we all live in now it is important to keep up with trends and remain active to keep competitive and mostly to survive. ADP Mobile Solutions will help business owners reach a global marketplace, keep track of information and drive better results right from the palms of their hands.

“Now in the virtual world you want to keep your employees honest by them clocking in for work from where they have to be clocking in and when you download an app that app has to integrate or communicate with your software system, “ Dylan Betrix illustrates, “Since we are the leader in the industry and we always have sources available please go into our adpinfo page for help.”

If you are looking to hire ADP has zip recruiter and background checks for free and their three cost components are amount of employees, payroll frequency and payroll packages. Dylan Betrix advised to small business owners that as soon as you have one employee you have to register for the PA employment task and taking advantages of the following resources: basic payroll, HR guidance and employee handbook right when a business owner hires their first employee. If you have any questions you can contact Dylan Betrix on his cell at 609-491-1652 and or email him at Dylan.betrix@adp.com.

Next we went over the importance of accounting and how it plays a vital role in running a business because it helps to keep track of income, expenses, and profit and loss and even helps with planning and decision making amongst many other components. Professor, Justin Deng at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey went over the accounting system and how it is a way to track the flow of money, the system answers the following questions: (1) Am I making a profit? Do I have enough money (to pay my debts)? and the way the system answers these questions is by the following: (1) Tracking sales and expenses (Income Statement) and (2) Tracking assets and liabilities (Balance Sheet). The hustle of business and the many hats entrepreneurs wear are essential so use this accounting formula to keep track of everything in one place and save time, money and headache.

“There are a lot of accounting resources out there,” Justin Deng discloses, “Accounting does not create more information- you are just organizing it in a way that will keep it more organized and be an easier form of keeping track of your money and what makes sense for your business.

Justin went over free accounting tools: Money Manager and Wave Accounting. The Money Manager helps to keep track of transactions (cash-in and cask-out) and its steps are to classify the following: Income, Expense and Transfer. It even lets a business owner keep track of which account the income is depositing into and divides up each product line into categories. At the end of the process a small business owner will have the essential report generation of a balance sheet and income statement by using the money manager tool. The other tool- Wave accounting helps to securely connect the bank or credit card accounts, it can generate and send invoices to customers, manage customers and overdue invoices and payment processing. Wave also allows the business owner to classify everything into the right categories for more easier and accurate reports. If you have additional questions and or concerns or need help with accounting feel free to email Justin at Justin.deng@rutgers.edu.

Afterward, LAEDA has its alumni connect with each other by stating their business and what it provides and also what apps they use to help their business stay on top of the digital world that we all live in today.

Sophie Werner, Assistant Program Manager at LAEDA’s Women’s Business Center illustrates, “Alumni make strategic connections and build relationships because there is always something to learn and a networking support system always helps you to get through challenges and motivates you as well.”

Valuable and Resourceful tools of the night that everyone had at the palms of their hands:
(1) ADP Mobile Solutions
Process payroll 24/7, view statements, manages your time and attendance amongst other duties.
(2) Geo-Pin Drop Location Tracking
Employees can easily clock-in and out via smartphone, tablet, or computer and will give location.
(3) LifeMart Employee Discount Program
Helps to save money and time and one-stop shopping for your needs amongst other duties.
(4) Third Party Mobile Partners Via ADP Marketplace
- JazzHR- Job Posting, Scheduling, Interviews, Automated Emails
- POS Sync- Time Punch, Earnings, Tip distribution
- TripLog- Mileage Reimbursement
- Deputy- Mobie Scheduling, Communication, Policies and Timeclock
- Mastery Training Services- Training Courses Accessible Via Mobile Phone/ Tablet (Safety, Skills, Diveristy, Harassment, Compliance (OSHA, EPA, DOT, etc.)).
- Expensify- Receipt and Expense Management

Website: Marketplace.adp.com

(5) PNC Business Banking Relationship
(6) https://sbshrs.adpinfo.com/covid19
(7) Money Manager
Adding income and Report Generation
(8) Wave Accounting
Securely connect bank and credit card accounts
(9) Alumni family added more connections and members to their family

Now with the help of valuable mentors, tools, resources, other small business owners and building new relationships it will be easier for small business owners to overcome those challenges, hurdles and keeping an competitive edge in the digital world of business this event was really a valuable tool to add into their palms or pockets.

Any additional questions and or concerns? Take advantage of the information and contact the LAEDA WBC because we are here to HELP as Much or Little as you want. As you are getting ready for surviving successfully in a highly competitive and technology-based world, please do not hesitate to keep or use these resourceful and valuable networking system.

LAEDA Alumni Connections Initiative was created with the goal of providing opportunities for alumni of LAEDA and its Women’s Business Center (WBC) to connect with each other through networking, workshops, and other events. The LAEDA WBC is available remotely through email, phone, and/ or video conferencing. Please call us at (856) 338-1177 or visit our website at www.laeda.com to learn more about our programs, services, and small business resources.