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After the Curve Session 3: Engaging Clients & Staying "Top of Mind" in an Era of COVID-19

Posted on 8/20/2020 by EDTP Coordinator in LAEDA News

Camden, NJ- On July 29, 2020, small business owners who wanted to not only learn strategies to effectively stay in touch with their clients while being closed but also how to plan to reopen the business came together virtually for the third session of the LAEDA WBC's After the Curve series. This session titled " Engaging Clients & Staying ‘Top of Mind’" allowed small business owners to discuss and learn the trends happening in the digital marketing landscape. Topics included understanding the psychological process all potential customers go through, branding and positioning the business during the pandemic, creating an experience at each step of the buyer's journey, and the importance of list building and steps to do it successfully, and more.

David D. Simons, a Mediapreneur who utilizes his off line and online skills to promote brands, increase businesses, support causes, and build relationships, co-hosted the event and offered the same knowledge and expertise that he has shared with Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, churches, and other entrepreneurs.

Mr. Simons started the discussion by asking, ““What is the one thing we need to deal with before we can even touch social media marketing and/ or digital media? The answer is YOUR MINDSET!” He then went on to explain the three essential steps to addressing your mindset:

  1. Think Abundance Not Scarcity→ Things can work well even in a bad economy if you have this mindset. No matter what your business is, there is always opportunity. 
  2. Innovation is Born In Adversity→ Necessity is the mother of all invention.
  3. The Best Resource Is Resourcefulness → It’s about looking at what you do have. Entrepreneurs take what they have and use their ability to make the best of it.

David sums up addressing your mindset by explaining, “We cannot be good at anything without having the right mindset because your mindset is going to dictate not only the information you receive but also what you do with it!”

Next, Mr. Simons discussed the landscape of digital marketing and how vital is is to put brand values at the heart of your activity.  Since no one makes a buying decision right away, business owners have to build trust with the client by determining what your client needs. The clicking of a mouse or scrolling through social media and apps have made more challenges as well as opportunities than ever before. This can be viewed as the new marketing funnel that clients use to see which brands they want to connect with. For this reason, it is essential to capture the eyes of your clients, make them aware of your brand, connect with them, give them knowledge of why they should choose your product/ service, help them take action and turn them into buyers. Doing this consistently can create loyalty for your brand. As Mr. Simons kept explaining throughout the night, the language and words you use to communicate and/ or connect are essential not only for surviving, but for thriving as well.

Then, David discussed the importance of email marketing to businesses. Email can be a lifeline for both online and offline businesses since we cannot just build on social media. Mr. Simons explained how social media does not have to be your only marketing tactic.  You must make sure that you provide that personal touch with the emails you send to make your potential and existing clients act. The same thought process goes for your website... You cannot just have a website; you must learn the art of driving clients there and keeping them there. Mr. Simons emphasized, “While a website is like a grocery store containing all items you need or want, it can also be confusing if it has too much going on everywhere. This is why you must make sure your landing page focuses on what your clients wants or needs. You must take the time to master your website and craft it toward your clients.”


Last, Mr. Simons talked about several resources that small business owners can use for their businesses. The right resources and tools can lead you in the direction of success. They can be a guide for helping you make your mark in the industry and a roadmap to creating a successful journey. Here are a few valuable resources from the night:

Kingdom Social Media is an organization designed to help influential leaders and leading organizations dominate their market online through social media marketing. Entrepreneur.com, Dell Computers, Yahoo, Xerox Corporation, Huffington Post, and Hootsuite have recognized David for his strategies in social media.  To contact David D. Simons, please visit the website https://kingdomsocialmedia.com/contact-us/,  call 1-916-692-9175 and/ or email him directly at david@kingdomsocialmedia.com. 

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