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Seven Tips For More Effective Small Business Hiring

Posted on 7/30/2014 by EDTP Coordinator in Managing Your Business

Small businesses added 75,000 jobs in January, according to payroll company Automated Data Processing. If things have been looking up at your organization, you may be eyeing a few new potential staff members as well. If you’ve been on the sidelines in the hiring game these past few years though, you might want to take a few moments to review some best practices for your expanding team. Here are seven tips for effective hiring at your small business.

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How Congress, SBA can help close the small-business gender gap

Posted on 7/30/2014 by EDTP Coordinator in Small Business Policy Small Business & The Economy

Women entrepreneurs still face a glass ceiling. This article discusses how the SBA can close the small biz gender gap.

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Local small businesses need Export-Import Bank to expand abroad

Posted on 7/23/2014 by EDTP Coordinator in Small Business Policy

There’s been political contention lately over the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank), and whether or not its charter should be renewed on Sept. 30, when it's set to expire. And while those who oppose it may view the bank as an example of crony capitalism, small businesses in Philadelphia view it as the only way to expand and grow business overseas.

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The 4 Essentials to Starting a Company Whether You Have Money or Not

Posted on 7/22/2014 by EDTP Coordinator in Small Business Planning

So you have the Big Idea. You have the passion. You have the business plan. You can see your future success. All you need now is money in the bank, right?

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Why Taking a Vacation Can Make You Better At Your Job

Posted on 7/16/2014 by EDTP Coordinator in Personal Development

A 2014 Oxford Economics Assessment of Paid Time Off in the U.S. showed 42% of employees with paid time off finished the year with unused days, leaving an average of 8.1 days unused.

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Counseling Is Often More Valuable Than a Small-Business Loan

Posted on 7/15/2014 by EDTP Coordinator in Managing Your Business

The head of the U.S. Small Business Administration, Maria Contreras-Sweet, made a bold statement this week in an interview regarding the state of small-business lending and the SBA's role in aiding small businesses. Ms. Contreras-Sweet said "the counseling is almost more important than the lending."

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Three Questions To Ask Your Lawyer Before Starting A Small Business

Posted on 7/9/2014 by EDTP Coordinator in Small Business Planning

Gaining customers. Producing a quality product. Finding new markets. These are the things that small business owners focus on when starting their latest venture. But while entrepreneurs are busy planning for the future, many fail to prepare for the worst.

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Christie signs e-commerce tax bill

Posted on 7/8/2014 by EDTP Coordinator in Small Business Policy

Gov. Chris Christie signed A-3486 on Monday — a supplemental piece of legislation in the 2015 state budget that contains a component regarding sales tax and certain independent contractors, also called a "Click-Through Nexus."

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